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App Name Bed Wars
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Unlimited Money/Gcubes/Keys
Update Date Wed Aug 31 2022
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Mobile games are supposed to be entertaining. For me, mobile games that are not fun are just worth throwing away. A game must be fun and addictive like this Bed Wars game. Let’s see how amazing it is!

Introduce about Bed Wars

Nothing is more important than a bed to sleep on

An interesting content about the bed battle

Bed Wars is an action game from Blockman GO Studio. The square color blocks are a bit Lego-style, but the context is too funny. Here your life will only revolve around protecting your base, a bed. Lol. That’s right, you didn’t get it wrong. You must use all of your talents and weapons to break other people’s beds and protect your own at the same time. Do this at your best, and you will win.


You can consider this as a shortened version of Minecraft with a “bed” content. But the gameplay seems to be much more relaxing and less volatile. Well, how can it be volatile while everything you need to do is just to protect your bed?

First, to clarify the gameplay of this game, I would like to emphasize that you will play in a team PvP style. The magical squares will make you gasp because of their intense fighting ability but just for a very trivial purpose. But hey, don’t talk too much about those who love to sleep anymore. I just want to talk about the progress of playing this game.

Starting the game, like many other PvP games, you need to wait to gather enough online players. The number of players here is big, 16 people. These 16 ‘square people’ will be divided into four groups. Each group has the task of going to a different island. Each island has its base and beds.

Here, you will constantly collect resources such as iron, gold, diamonds, emeralds. Then find a place to store them and then move those precious materials away. Finally, use these materials to craft armor and weapons to prepare for an impending war. An important thing to do in parallel (even at first) is that you must hide all the existing beds on the island. When listening to the “beng” sound which is like a drum signaling the upcoming battle, you and your teammates will start building a massive bridge to land on someone else’s island. And once you’ve encroached on the field, the task is very clear: break the other group’s beds and protect the beds on your island.

Remember! First, if you die, you can still respawn, as long as the bed is still ‘alive’. Otherwise, if your beds are broken, death will come to all of you, no respawn at all.

Second, the bed is the only thing you have to protect. Whatever you do, do not let the enemy approach it.

Of course, the team that survives to the end is the winner.

Support for battle

In addition to the material mines available on each island for you to freely exploit and collect. There are also tool shops where you can use money (obtained when you win another team) to buy rare equipment and weapons for yourself and your teammates. With the more mining areas, the more equipment and tools you can buy, and the right defensive and attack strategy, you will have a better chance of winning.

Iron and gold are the easiest to find because they are right on the island and the amount is quite large. Having them in hand, you will buy blocks to make a fence to protect the bed and make important weapons such as swords… It will be much better if you find diamonds and gems, then you can upgrade yourself and your team quickly and protect the bed better. Especially with diamonds, you can also use them to make heavy support tools such as high-class armor, ore drills… And emeralds only appear on the largest island (you can easily see it). And emeralds will help you buy extremely high-end equipment to have more advantages in the life-or-death battle ahead.

Loads of fun

Just like Minecraft, when playing Bed Wars, you can freely customize everything. You can create the character shape, build bridges and roads anywhere, choose the weapons you have in stock (including swords, hammers, axes, bows, etc.). You can also freely mix melee and long-range weapons corresponding to the roles and tasks of each individual in the group. And that’s just one of the countless excitements in Bed Wars.

What really shocked me was the process of coordinating with my teammates in fierce battles. I could be free to express individual personalities, opinions, and strategies, but still not far from teammates. Importantly, despite each one being in different corners of the island, the group’s common goal is only one: protect your bed and attack the other group’s bed. This creates a strange bond between the members, which is further supported by the communication tools available in the game. Believe me, it’s too much fun!

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Those of you who love the theme of “Beds” in the high-speed MineCraft style with satirical content, try to play a few games of Bed Wars! Make sure if you don’t fall in love with it, I will pay you.