Candy Crush Saga

App Name Candy Crush Saga
Package Name com.king.candycrushsaga
Genre Casual
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Update Date Sun Aug 07 2022


Candy Crush Saga for Android is a popular mobile puzzle game for smartphones and tablets. Players will move to the Candy Kingdom, where they will take part in the sweet adventures of Tiffi and Mr. Toffee. The rules of the game are very similar to those of the Bejewelled games. Our task in the puzzle mobile game Candy Crush Saga is to match three of the same candies (in terms of structure and colour) vertically and horizontally. By collecting the same candies, we will clear the board of all candies and go to the next stage. There are 50 levels to complete in a sweet wonderland. Check it out on happymod! Happymod, happy game! 


The free Candy Crush Saga mobile game for Android and iOS devices allows you to forget about the whole world! We will be drawn into a whirlpool of colourful candies, which will dynamically change on the screen of our smartphone. Candy Crush Saga made its debut in 2012 as a game on Facebook and other mobile platforms and immediately became one of the most popular productions, bringing its creator’s huge profits.


The title by King is one of the biggest hits in the history of video games. The production with simple rules at its peak moment of splendour on Facebook could boast about the participation of an average of 46 million players per month, and the version for mobile devices was downloaded several hundred million times. Now, hardly anyone doesn’t know Candy Crush Saga and it seems that most Internet users at least once are tempted to knock colourful candies off the board.


The rules in the game are very simple and shouldn't be a problem for anyone. At each level, we have a specific task to do, and usually, it's just a specific pool of points to be earned. Sometimes it happens that the condition for moving to the next stage is to collect a defined amount of a given type of candy. The basic task, however, is a total of at least three of the same types of sweets with vertical and horizontal movements on the screen. Then points are awarded to our account, and the sequence disappears from the board and new candies appear in its place.

We are introduced to the mechanics of the game by an interactive guide spread over several initial levels. It explains which combinations give the best effect and how to use special powers. A big advantage of the game is the number of levels available. The authors regularly expand the game with new boards.


We have a chance to score more points when we manage to combine more than three of the same elements in one sequence. The explosive is now fired, and the sweets are eliminated by the bomb. Obviously, the further we go, the more difficult the levels become and it's not that easy to beat. Then, users often reach for paid facilities and new lives.


The game runs smoothly even on weaker devices and does not take up much space. Candy Crush Saga will provide you with many hours of fun. Download Candy crush saga APK for Android now! Check it out on happymod! Happymod, happy game!