Cats in Time

Version: 1.4767.2
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App Name Cats in Time
Package Name com.pinestudio.buildings
Genre Puzzle
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Latest Version 1.4767.2
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Free Shopping Unlocked All Levels
Update Date Sun Jun 05 2022
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Cats in Time MOD APK is a strategy puzzle game from PINE STUDIO. An unprecedented cute game with the main character is the cats. No, to be more precise, more than 200 lovely little cats were lost somewhere in the timeline. Find and rescue cute cats now!

Cats in Time: My cat, where are you?

The cute opening scene

The story of losing cats, the owner posting the message to find “boss”, is often seen in real life. But straying a few 200 cats and scattered somewhere in the past, present, space, time, this is the first time I see. And of course, it is in this game, Cats in Time.

In the game, I play as Professor Tim Edger’s character, a brilliant scientist who successfully invented a time machine. He also very loves cats. The house only has more than 200 cats of all colors, types, and sizes. The joy of making a time machine has not yet fully enjoyed the belief of lightning. All 200 of Tim’s beloved cats, because of the respectable professor’s negligence, in one time they touched the Pusher lever to activate the time machine.

What is next, you already know it. 200 cats were caught up in the machine and drifted in all four directions, panicking in the flow of time and space. Professor, after discovering the situation, was dizzy, crying like rain, mentally collapsed. And, of course, he not to give up his fate. He determined to find his lost cats, 200 cute angels.

Where is the cat? In the past or future? Europe or Asia?

Fortunately, fate still gives Tim a chance. Before they get lost, they leave a series of traces that we often call “hint”. Try to find out because it’s hidden somewhere in the house, in the lab, on the grass. Sometimes, the game even asks you to find a cat, and then a hint appears to help you find the remaining cats.

Your journey will go through series of minigames and puzzles. The game really knows how to challenge the players. While playing, I sometimes wonder what material the writer’s head is made of. Some kinds of challenges are frustrating because doing so many times still fails. Solving puzzles, removing the knot, you are rewarded with a hint. There are other scores like health and mood, but that doesn’t matter. The hint is still the most important.

Having a hint, when reaching the destination with the address code of the space-time (like longitude, latitude), then Professor has to work hard to solve another puzzle. One consolation is that each place we go is a different scene with a completely different feel and play atmosphere, so it’s always fun and fresh.

The puzzles usually involve the place of cats, for example, trying to save it from the rice barrel or how to help it climb over the high wall on the other side … Keep searching for the next hint, which is often located somewhere in the most unexpected corners. Even sometimes, you must bring the boss home before finding a new hint.

When you bring it back, remember to put them in the locker room carefully. If not, they continue to play around with the time machine causing you a lot of trouble. Thanks to the bosses traveling everywhere, you can test and admire the perfection of the time machine that you made. From ancient Egypt, the New York of the 20th century, or even to the bustling Tokyo of the distant future. Along the way to find cats, you suddenly realize that space and time are not in human hands. Ideally, you should not touch or interfere in any way.

Make sure you are only looking for a cat and bringing it home

Do not touch anything that is not yours, or do not communicate with any characters encountered on the road, even if they bring us a dozen hints and tell us to do this or that to change the future, change the present… Absolutely NO!

That’s the classic rule in all the time travel movies you’ve seen, right? Remember, the butterfly effect can change many things in the future. You are not allowed to interfere in or do anything.

Finally, there are eye-catching 3D graphics, bright colors in all scenes. The game music is completely relaxing. But you do not relax when the puzzle appears. You always frantically to find the cats that keep hiding deeply somewhere.

MOD APK version of Cats in Time

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All Levels Unlocked

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Remember my words, don’t touch anything in the timeline except your cats. Download the game Cats in Time MOD APK here.