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Latest Version 2.3
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Unlimited Money
Update Date Tue Dec 14 2021
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Construction Simulator PRO MOD APK will give you a long and enjoyable experience of construction work. A paradise of specialized vehicles and a series of attractive construction contracts also awaits.

Introduce about Construction Simulator PRO

Lifelike construction simulation game with a wide range of specialized vehicles and equipment

The attraction of construction simulation games

“Doing what we cannot do” is always the top criterion of every simulation game. In fact, there are always many barriers that prevent you from pursuing your big dreams in life, or sometimes simply a job you really love. Then the simulation games with high realism, real life and realistic physics will help you do what is just a dream.

A very cool job that helps you experience the feeling of going from nothing to everything, from zero to hero is construction work. The feeling of turning a bunch of inanimate bricks into a house containing a lot of energy or a massive architectural work is satisfaction and happiness.

It’s not just a normal building game. This game with depth and good simulation will help you understand how the entire process of building things from scratch, thereby having a worthwhile memorable and interesting experience. If you want to build your own house later, you can have experience from here.

For those who have the same hobby and want to find a quality construction game, let’s try Construction Simulator PRO with me.

Graphics and sound

Like other career simulation games, Construction Simulator PRO has almost no background music. There are sounds that simulate the real sounds of engines, machines and movements while playing.

Graphics in Construction Simulator PRO are quite sharp. Of course, it can’t be compared with a terrible configuration game on PC. But on mobile platforms, this is already particularly good. This is also not a game for you to expect too much about a beautiful landscape image. What you will see the most are piles of bricks, unfinished buildings, vehicles, and construction equipment. You are only really attracted if you are interested in this job.

However, the plus point in the graphics is the vehicle and work support tools. The means, equipment and tools used in the construction process of the game, whether large or small, are detailed just like real life. This is what creates excitement and helps the simulation play process take place smoothly and attractively.

Paradise of vehicles and specialized construction equipment

This game will give you a humble starting point. From a small construction company, it gradually expanded into a large company, taking on important stages and larger architectural works. The form of works in the game is also quite diverse from civil to infrastructure, economic architecture, skyscrapers, specialized functional buildings…

In this game, you are also a “superman” when you can drive all kinds of specialized vehicles used in construction such as Sky Crane (heavy-duty crane truck for building high-rise buildings), Tractor (truck for transporting large blocks of materials), Flatbed (tractor truck for carrying extra-sized structures), concrete pump cardboard, bulldozer… A total of seventeen specialized vehicles is available in the game for you to freely learn. Normally you can only briefly see these cars on the road in a large well-covered building or only in movies. But now, it’s up to you to drive and control them to work. It’s so exciting guys (especially when driving Sky Crane)!

The best point of Construction Simulator PRO is that the equipment looks remarkably similar to real life. The viewing angle when controlling them can also be changed at will, providing a diverse and lifelike experience. Of course, mastering this specialized equipment requires a lot of time to get used to and drive smoothly, but once you get used to it, the process of building later works will be quite easy.

Your mission is to receive a contract which contains detailed tasks. There will be twenty different construction contracts in turn, including skatepark, apartment building, church, and wind turbine… Procure construction equipment for different projects. And in the process of working, you are also the one who makes other important decisions such as hiring or investing in new purchases. This is also what a real-life construction contractor needs to do to gradually master the job and expand the business.

A respectable career and business journey

Initially, you are just a small and inexperienced contractor, receiving a few small contracts in the inner city. Day by day, you need to accumulate money to upgrade equipment, machinery to receive more big contracts. Later you can even buy land, build constructions of your own design, and resell for a higher profit. You will step by step become a construction tycoon.

The road to the top of glory is not easy. You will have to learn from the smallest things such as operating a pickup truck, manipulating construction equipment to do it little by little at first. But once you master it, you’ll start to think with a business mind, and run things in a more managerial role. After that, things will be much different.

This game is always dynamic. You will never stop at any limit, including the control of vehicles or types of equipment to the flow of thoughts in the business process later. Thanks to that, everything is always new, attractive and has a long-term connection with the player.

MOD APK version of Construction Simulator PRO

MOD feature

Unlimited Money


You choose an available profile to get a lot of money.

Create new profile if you want to play the original game.

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Finally, should you play Construction Simulator PRO? Definitely yes. First, it offers an extremely detailed and complete construction work simulation experience. Second, it’s worth playing repeatedly to learn different things each time. If you love building constructions, come here and play with me.