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Version: 3.6.2
Unlimited money
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App Name Dead Ahead
Package Name com.mobirate.DeadAheadTactics
Genre Strategy
Size 136 MB
Latest Version 3.6.2
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Unlimited money
Update Date Wed Sep 07 2022
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Dead Ahead MOD APK is a pixel-graphic tower defense game with a zombie theme from the publisher Mobirate. In the game, your mission is to keep your bus safe from the scary zombies outside.

Introduce about Dead Ahead

The funny zombie tower defense game for Android!

The game is simple, only fighting and defending the “tower”

Dead Ahead has extremely simple gameplay. The game is divided into two factions: the human faction (you are the representative) has the task of protecting and reinforcing the bus which is also his hiding place. The zombie faction keeps the roadblock to prevent the bus from passing. If you keep it to the end and kill all the zombies, the bus will comfortably cross the barrier to proceeding to the next scene.

In the game you will have the following important stats: Courage (energy) to increase soldiers and Rage (magic) to use skills or support items to attack. But in my opinion, Courage is more important, because no matter how well equipped you are, the possibility of victory is very slim if the number of soldiers is small compared to zombies.

Through the rounds, the quantity and quality of both sides increased significantly. You are stronger, the zombies are also stronger, no longer stupid and useless, they can run fast, jump well and have the ability to fight like anyone. They may have immunity to knives and fire or explosives… The game’s AI will always ensure the balance of forces for each battle to take place not easy.

The key to victory is knowing your enemy and skillfully combining soldiers

Now back to our side. The first rule is having as many soldiers as possible. Once there, the next decisive factor is to combine the types of soldiers in the game. The more skillful the soldiers are, the higher the probability of winning. You will have 3 groups of soldiers and in each type, there are different ranks:

  • Melee soldiers: includes dumb and high-level soldiers with bulletproof vests and a lot of blood.
  • Short-range gunner: includes many levels depending on the weapon carried: short gun, submachine gun, single grenade, cluster grenade.
  • Long-range gunner: these guys can shoot zombies from a distance, but the ability to attack close is weak. I’m pretty tired of these minions, it takes a long time to make one but the effect isn’t worth it.

Of course, normal soldiers are created quickly, and the more advanced soldiers, the longer it takes to accumulate, and it takes more gold coins to own. In general, it’s up to you, each person will have their fighting style and attack strategy. And that is also the factor that makes the unique appeal of this game.

Every upgrade requires gold, so where does the gold come from?

Many players often complain about the money in Dead Ahead. To be honest, I’ve been stuck with this many times as well. But after learning from the experience (and it seems that the manufacturer also brought many new updates after listening to the people), this conclusion is drawn: Gold is the main currency.

At the beginning of each scene, you will be given 10 gold. But sadly, everything has to be bought with money, from soldiers to tools, weapons, vehicles, everything must have gold. So you have to quickly beat as many zombies as possible and especially find the golden chests scattered somewhere along the way. In general, the battle is not very difficult, solving the bus defense is also quite okay, only the money in the game is quite difficult to take

Graphics and sounds

The game has 8-bit pixel graphics. It can be said that the zombies are the most gentle and cute zombies of all time. There is no element of violence, nor is there any bloody, dark haunting here. It can be said that zombies are just an excuse, the important thing is to show this fun tower defense game.

The gameplay scenes in Dead Ahead are countless. Each game scene has different terrain, scenery, and colors: cities, plains, deserts, cradle water all have enough, guys. And when going into each scene, not only will the zombies mess around but you will also be tired of the terrain in that scene. For example, the desert is sand in the eye, the city is disturbed by the traffic around… Pixel games that can do details and effects like this are not much.

The music is very catchy and happy. The effect is also lovely, the sound is lively but not noisy, not threatening at all. Play this game is very comfortable and relax.

MOD APK version of Dead Ahead

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

You will get a lot of money after spend.

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This is a zombie-themed pixel tower defense game, which is extremely fun and easy to play. Those of you who have not played must play this game. Download Dead Ahead here.