Deadrite Hunt

Version: 0.3.2
God Mode
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App Name Deadrite Hunt
Package Name com.onetongames.deadrite
Genre Action
Size 366.72 MB
Latest Version 0.3.2
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God Mode
Update Date Tue Dec 14 2021
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Participate in a battle between hunter and monster. If you are interested in the bloodiest and most thrilling hunt, this is the place for you. Welcome to the world of Deadrite Hunt (MOD God Mode). This is an online game with horror elements attractive. Although not for the faint of heart, the game still has a large number of players on Google Play.

Join the game, that means you are involved in the online survival war full of horror and death. But rest assured because you are not alone but can cooperate with other players to find ways to survive and kill monsters.


At some point, when life in the world was gradually wiped out by strange and bloodthirsty creatures. The human stands before the tragedy of destruction by enemies from another reality, the Realm of a nightmare. From somewhere far away, at the end of the universe, a nightmare has opened the portal of space to the Earth and sent a team of minions to conquer the world of man. Your mission is to fight the conspiracies of cold-blooded dictators and bring peace to the world. Survive among the monsters and gradually destroy them.


An online survival game of OneTonGames that combines horror and action elements, inspired by popular horror games like Dead by Daylight and Identity V. However, I say Deadrite Hunt has multi-personality gameplay because you can experience the game on both sides as heroes and villains. There are 4 hunters who must fight to fight 1 scary monster. You can choose the role of a monster or one of four hunters.

Each character has their own special skills and weapons. You can completely change the new interface to customize for each of your characters. Because these are two completely opposite classes of characters, in each match, they have their own goals and all towards victory for themselves. Those characters are all controlled by other online players, so they can think and strategize in a match.


Each hunter character or monster has its own special skills and abilities. However, all have the same relatively simple control system. It is not too difficult for players to control and show their skills. Find your own style of play in battles. The main goal of the hunters is to find totems, which give the undying power and immortal to monsters. And the monsters must kill all hunters to bring nightmares to humanity.

Set your own rules in Deadrite Hunt. Frontal attack or fight sneaky. Die in the dark or survive and wait for dawn. The choice is yours.


As mentioned, the characters of Deadrite Hunt contrast each other in each match. Therefore, each person’s battle goals are different and you can alternate between the two extremes, good and evil. For those hunter characters, these are the heroic figures, representing peace and protection of the Earth so they will probably be more chosen. However, before the alien enemies, humans seem smaller and weaker. Therefore, hunters should unite together for the common goal of destroying monsters. Although weaker, with a spirit of solidarity and a sharp mind, the hunters can fulfill their noble mission.

Playing as a monster, representing the game’s villain class. This is really a new breeze to help Deadrite Hunt become more attractive and unique. Although they are villains and less chosen, their strength is impressive. He can kill 4 men easily if they are careless. With the plot to spread fear and death to the Earth, he must destroy the stubborn hunters.


3D graphics are a hallmark of Deadrite Hunt. But in particular, what makes the horror factor appealing in the game is the dark, desolate battlefield and the hideous and barbaric monsters.


Experience fear and death in the most breathtaking and realistic way. That is what Deadrite Hunt gives players in every match. Not stopping there, this game also values the solidarity and intelligence of humankind. Although superior in strength, but monsters can not easily subdue the brave hunters.