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App Name Demolish!
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Latest Version 2.41
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Update Date Tue Jul 19 2022
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If you’re stressed out and want to smash something, Demolish! MOD APK (Unlimited Bullets), the latest game of VOODOO will make you feel more comfortable.

Introduce about Demolish!

Another very interesting game of VOODOO. This time they are back with a game with very unique gameplay. Instead of asking you to build or build something useful, this time they force you to demolish tall buildings.


“It’s easy to destroy but hard to build”. However, you may think about it again when playing Demolish!. This game requires you to destroy abandoned buildings in the city. In a very simple way, it is using rockets, lasers to completely collapse the building.

In fact, experts and scientists often use hydraulic jacks on the bottom floor of the building. The entire building will slowly collapse safely, avoiding the risk that it will endanger the surrounding area. For some buildings, an alternative is to use an excavator to dismantle it from the top floor. However, Demolish! used a way that… unlike anyone else, it was using rockets to destroy. Do not worry. This is an area where no people live, so feel free to do what you want.

How to play

In terms of gameplay, you can see it has pretty similar gameplay to Angry Birds. You use the cannon below the ground, adjust the angle and firing force to shoot bullets into tall buildings. Until it collapses completely, you will get stars, with a maximum score of 3 stars. The fewer rockets you use, the more stars you get.

Initially, I used to aim at the lower floors of the building with a think that, if its foundation was broken, the building would collapse quickly. However, I was wrong. When I destroyed the building’s outer layers, its debris fell, creating a barrier for the base of the building. Therefore, my ammo cannot break it anymore (unless you use a laser, a high-class missile).

The difficulty is not increased

This is the truth. The scene and the building have a design change, but the game does not increase the difficulty to a new level. This reduces the attractiveness of the game if the player plays for a long time. At the very least, they should add new modes, or add some armor to buildings to protect it from your missiles. But nothing happened. All levels are the same. Even the game’s scoring method has not changed.

3 types of rockets

If you wonder what your star does, it’s used to unlock the game’s rockets. After accumulating the number of stars to a certain milestone, you will receive some type 2 and 3 rockets. Here is some information about 3 types of rockets of Demolish!:

  • Cannon: This is the default rockets with an infinite quantity. Its power is just average. If you like to slowly destroy the building, enjoy each feeling in detail, I think this is the right choice.
  • Nuclear Bomb: If you want a new experience, you can try it. The rockets fly faster, with greater power.
  • Laser: High-grade rocket. It easily destroys anything with just one projectile.

Realistic physics

In fact, this isn’t the only building-destroying game. There have been many games with similar content with realistic graphics. About Demolish!, an arcade game of VOODOO only has average graphics in terms of sharpness, images are not too detailed. However, the game’s physics are very well done, giving you the feeling of realistically collapsing buildings. Besides, sound and vibration effects also contribute to “fool” your feeling.

MOD APK version of Demolish!

MOD feature

Unlimited Bullets: All three types of rockets have infinite quantities, you can use any rocket you want.

Download Demolish! MOD APK for Android

Without too much knowledge about construction and design, I think you can still play Demolish! easily. This game does not require you to do too many things, you just simply smash and relax. After a stressful working day, you can effectively relieve stress by destroying buildings in VOODOO’s exciting arcade game.