Devil Stone

Version: 1.5.0
Unlimited Money
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App Name Devil Stone
Package Name com.Simplist.DevilStone
Genre RPG
Size 661.44 MB
Latest Version 1.5.0
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Unlimited Money
Update Date Wed Jul 27 2022
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Devil Stone (MOD Unlimited Money) is an attractive offline role-playing game from Simplist publisher. They are a developer with talented and passionate teams with mobile games. This is the publisher’s first game but they are also very confident in their abilities and sell the game for nearly $ 4. So what’s the attraction of their debut game? Let’s find out through this article.

The story

The story is about a character named Phicus Sera, the heir to the 10th throne of Hell. In other words, he will be the successor to rule the demons in Hell. Unfortunately, an unexpected incident happened. Phicus Sera was stripped of his power by the previous generation demon king because lose the demon stone. He was sent to the human world to find pieces of demon stones scattered across the continent.

Here he meets Eiji John Austin and joins the army to explore Hell. The story officially begins. He will have experiences through adventures to collect the demonic stone pieces in hopes of restoring his strength and becoming the throne successor.


Devil Stone has many features beyond the expectations of players. Firstly, the attraction of the plot. The game has a clear, seamless and compelling storyline so players can understand the entire content of the game.

In the game, you can recruit teammates on your adventure journey. On the continent Lux, you will play the role of the hero Eiji fighting against the Demon King and happening unforeseen stories. Whenever you arrive at a new city, you will have a different mission given by the NPCs. Your main mission is still to control your character, do quests to earn gold to buy equipment and to strength up your character.

Upgrade characters and teammates

Especially, Devil Stone has many interesting activities. You can join your teammates to explore the Dungeon at each level from easy to difficult. Fight boss to get rare equipment. Not only that, but the game also has mini-games for you to entertain after long tiring journeys.


Currently, Devil Stone only supports Japanese. This is extremely disadvantageous for those who do not know Japanese and may have difficulty understanding the plot of the game. Hopefully, the publisher will soon release the English version to help players around the world easily play this great game.

Amazing 3D graphics

Devil Stone has beautiful and cute manga and anime 3D graphics. The character is beautifully shaped and the surrounding landscape is extremely well-tuned. Not only that, but the character’s skills are also very realistic and impress the players. The sound is very lively, especially the melodious music that will inspire you to fight the monsters.

However, Final Fantasy is still considered the best RPG game ever. But even though it’s not perfect as Final Fantasy, this game won’t make you feel any disappointment at all. Simplist publisher with their first game has reached “The hottest game of the month”.


Devil Stone is really a good game, a great choice for who love RPG and anime. Compared to other RPG titles, publisher Simplist is far ahead of other anime-style graphic design games. The game has an interesting storyline and many preeminent features. If you still don’t have a game to play this summer, this is the game you should try.

Currently, the game has been released and sold on Google Play Store for nearly $ 4. You can buy their first game to support and wait for more top-notch games in the future. In addition, you can experience the game completely for free through the link at the bottom of this article. Quickly join the adventure in Hell and regain the strength to become a demon king.