Fruit Clinic

Version: 0.2.7
0.3 / Mod: Unlimited money
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App Name Fruit Clinic
Package Name com.lightningstrikegames.fruitsurgeon
Genre Casual
Size 94.87 MB
Latest Version 0.2.7
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0.3 / Mod: Unlimited money
Update Date Thu Aug 04 2022
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Download Fruit Clinic to cure for fruits. Use the MOD APK version (Unlimited Money) provided by us to receive money and purchase more equipment for your clinic!

Introduce about Fruit Clinic

Fruit Clinic is a new casual game released by Lion Studios. Previously, I have also introduced to you some products from this publisher. If you follow them, you will find them quite interesting and addictive.

Fruit Clinic is also like that, it very creative and have a breakthrough. The theme and content that it carries are quite light, suitable for all ages and suitable for you to experience when you have free time.


It seems that the fruits are infected. They feel pain and cannot grow any more. They are looking for a skilled and experienced doctor to deal with these problems. You will play the role of that doctor to cure them.

At first, you will be provided with a rudimentary clinic lacking medical equipment. Patients with the mild illness will come to you. For example, an apple needs cutting floss after surgery, a banana is infected with a worm, or a strawberry needs stitching a wound. Mostly, you only need one action to handle and complete these cases.

But then, the challenge gradually increases as you acquire more medical equipment. Your patients will be lining up to wait for treatment, the conditions are also much worse and much more complicated. Eggplant is about to give birth, you need to make her feel comfortable, then take painkillers and perform the incision, and stitch it up when finished. Star fruit is heavily infected, must suck and clean the infected area. Pears have acne, you need to remove them and apply bandages. Others have more serious illnesses such as kidney stones, stomach and intestinal inflammation. You also need to treat them so that they are in good health.


This game control consists of simple gestures only. When a patient experiences symptoms, they will come to your clinic. The system will prepare tools, you just need to touch the screen and bring to the areas on the patient. The disease will be diagnosed and a tool to deal with it will appear. For example, when a patient has a kidney stone, the system will display an ultrasound machine. You move the device over the patient’s abdomen to determine the area to be treated. Then, the system will present a knife for you to perform surgery. It’s quite simple, right?

Not only that, but the game system also offers a course of treatment for the disease. The steps will be displayed at the top of the screen, you just need to follow and follow the steps to regain your patient’s health.

Unlock new medical equipments

When you first join the game, your clinic is really rudimentary and lacks medical equipment. But in the process, the patient pays the cost and you will have money. The system unlocks equipment such as scalpels, tweezers, vacuums, ultrasound machines, endoscopes and more.

You know, as the clinic becomes more comfortable, you will get more patients and make more money from them. However, that also means more complicated cases coming to your clinic.

VIP patients

VIP patients are prioritized patients, who pay a larger amount than usual. This is one of the features that close to real-life included in Fruit Clinic. When you meet these patients, you can make several times more money, and their medical conditions are not too complicated.

However, you will have to watch the ads to get VIP clients.

Decorate your clinic

Make your rudimentary clinic the ideal workspace. Fruit Clinic has two amenities, including furniture such as tables, chairs, medicine cabinets, computers, televisions, … and decorations such as clocks, wall paintings, bookshelves, bonsai. They are pretty and can be upgraded to become a better item. In this game, most of the money you will spend on these belongings.

MOD APK version of Fruit Clinic

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: It will take a long time to heal patients or watch advertisements to have more money. However, you do not need to do these things and can still buy equipment and decorations if using the MOD APK version that we provide.

Download Fruit Clinic MOD APK for Android

Fruit Clinic has a new, light and refreshing gameplay that is suitable for entertainment needs. So, when you have free time, you can relax by curing adorable fruits. Install this game on your Android device and experience it now!