Geometry Dash World

Version: 2.2.11
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App Name Geometry Dash World
Package Name com.robtopx.geometrydashworld
Genre Arcade
Size 74.45 MB
Latest Version 2.2.11
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Unlimited Currency
Update Date Fri Jul 29 2022
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Geometry Dash World MOD APK is the latest rhythm game of RobTop Games. Download the game on HappyMod to choose favorite blocks completely free.

Introduce about Geometry Dash World

Rhythm games are often very addictive. If you ever spend a lot of time playing Grid or Piano Tiles 2, Geometry Dash World might also be a game that you should try. Although it has been released in 2016, so far, the game is still very popular. Developer RobTop Games is still offering updates, adding features to please their fans.

The most engaging rhythm game for Android

Over the past 4 years, there is no denying the achievements that Geometry Dash World brings, making it one of the best rhythm games on mobile. In fact, the original version of the game was Geometry Dash. It sells for $ 1.99 on Google Play, and millions of people didn’t hesitate to pay for it to install. Moments later, the developer released free versions, attracting the interest of hundreds of millions of people.

And just like its predecessor, Geometry Dash World inherits the side-scrolling rhythm gameplay. In it, you will control a cube with the goal of bringing them to the finish line. This may sound simple, but the obstacles arranged along the way will make you difficult.

Specifically, when the tune starts, your cube will automatically move forward. You will tap on your touch screen to perform the action of jumping, crossing spikes or rocks blocking the way. The controls are quite simple, only one action is touching the screen to make the cube jump throughout the game.

However, you will feel surprised when the difficulty increases dramatically. The obstacles become dense, arranged adjacent, and in dangerous locations. If you have quick reflexes, that is an advantage. Furthermore, Geometry Dash World is a rhythm game. Therefore, the actions and the rhythm of the background music will be closely linked. Please feel the beat!

Overcome obstacles to reach the finish line

Geometry Dash World evaluates your gameplay through expressions. When starting out, your cube will have a smiley expression. But then it is very likely that the difficulty level of the level causes the game to end with an angry, distressed expression.

In this music race, maybe you have to play it over and over again in a level until you can finish with the cube intact. Challenges keep increasing, but you know, they give you the thrill of the game and the satisfaction of winning. Beat all the challenges of Geometry Dash World and become the leader of the game leaderboard!

Collect unique blocks

Besides the default cube, you can collect new blocks and use them as you play. They have a special shape and possess very nice lighting effects. For example, a robot, instead of bouncing like a cube, it can step over obstacles and you can even control the distance of that step. The spaceship, on the other hand, can fly up when you tap on the screen. In addition, there are many other shapes, with extremely cute expressions.

What’s new in Geometry Dash World?

Geometry Dash World is so much new. We will compare this game with Geometry Dash Meltdown. In Geometry Dash World, the levels are designed to be shorter. Even the first 10 levels are quite easy, you can overcome them without losing any lives.

The second new feature is the graphics. This game is designed with more detail, unique, and more interesting objects. For example, the monsters are opening their mouths and waiting for the unlucky players. Obstacles are denser and more diverse. Especially effects, lights will blink to the rhythm and to follow your dance.

MOD APK version of Geometry Dash World

MOD features

Unlocked Skins: All skins are unlocked, just choose and play.

Download Geometry Dash World MOD APK for Android

Geometry Dash World is an engaging rhythm game for Android, but it’s a lot of challenges. Will your reflexes and the feeling of rhythm get you through all the levels? Please download the game and give it a try!