Helicopter Escape 3D

Version: 1.13.1
Unlocked weapon skin/Unlimited money
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App Name Helicopter Escape 3D
Package Name com.rescue.agent
Genre Action
Size 146.06 MB
Latest Version 1.13.1
Mod Info
Unlocked weapon skin/Unlimited money
Update Date Sun Aug 14 2022
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Helicopter Escape 3D is an action game from Saygames. In the game, your only mission is to shoot enemies to support the hostages to escape from the crowded enemies behind.

Introduce about Helicopter Escape 3D

Are you ready to enter the world of super speed on a Helicopter?

A strange approach of the game will surprise you

Helicopter Escape 3D has a rather strange approach. There is a kidnapping or attack, the hostages are in urgent need of assistance to escape from the enemy. You play as a skilled gunman, swinging on the helicopter window and firing continuously at the enemies below to support the hostages trying to escape. The round ends when the hostage runs to the helicopter, narrowly escaping death by clinging to it.

In Helicopter Escape 3D, your enemies have more than 1001, sometimes they are gangsters, traitors, enemy minions, worse are a bunch of hideous zombies… The higher the level, the more they are, the faster the speed and even later there are even guys with weapons to shoot back at you and endanger the hostages running below. Of course, the game will be over if your hostage is shot along the way or is crushed by a bunch of enemies below. So, no matter what, the priority is still the safety of the hostages, not the goal of shooting all the enemies one by one.

Remember, don’t shoot the hostage!

You have a panoramic view and many support items

This fast-paced shooter makes use of a third-person perspective, so the whole scene and situation are fairly easy to grasp (but mastering it or not is another matter). The beauty of choosing this perspective is also to observe all directions of the enemy’s appearance and see their fighting ability. Since like I said earlier, the number of villains is countless, and it will increase more and more, they will run faster, so the only way you can do it is to focus on the ones closest to the hostages. And from there, let’s shoot out slowly, doing the opposite will lead to failure.

Of course, if the enemy is as numerous as ants, no matter how good a sniper, at some point they will close their eyes and give up. But fortunately, there are a lot of things for you to take advantage of your intelligence and ingenuity to kill a series of enemies, in the most critical situations. For example, there are a few red gasoline drums, you wait for the enemies to be around them, then you shoot one shot into that drum, all enemies will be destroyed at the same time. Or there are the water pipes piled up on the roadside, shooting at them can also cause the pipes to slide down and crush some enemies. Or when there are some super cool items along the way in scenes of zombies jumping on hostages, there will be some slow clocks appearing, shooting at these clocks you can make time stand still to have time to rescue the hostage.

Your weapons will also be upgraded slowly, so don’t worry too much. For example, in the scenes where the enemy is holding a gun, you will be equipped with a bullet shield. Using a shield, using a gun to shoot, and manipulating many things at the same time will make the difficulty of the game more and more terrible. But that means escalating drama, doesn’t that? In the later scenes, we will have a few new weapons to choose from, such as rifles, long-range guns, and even rocket guns that can kill a group of 3-4 enemies.

Graphics and sounds

The graphics are quite simple, but their effect is very good. For example, the hostage is clear, the enemy can only vaguely identify its identity such as what type of enemy it is, and the gunner can be seen from behind, holding a gun on the helicopter. Moderate and reasonable moderation of details gives players enough time and space to focus on the crowded enemies behind. The most important part of the graphics in my opinion is the attractive color schemes, from the scenery to the characters and the accompanying details. The movements of the characters are also very soft and rhythmic. The enemy team is crowded, but strangely, their movement is very orderly, so sometimes it looks funny.

The sound is attractive, the crazy speed of the music also increases in proportion to the terrible level of the enemy army in the game. It awakens your senses to the maximum without a cup of coffee.

MOD APK version of Helicopter Escape 3D

MOD features

  • Unlimited Money
  • No Ads

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Each scene in Helicopter Escape 3D is short, but in that instant, you really fight with the enemy and dominate the game. The game is fun and fast, the gameplay is also new. If you love speed, try it once!