Hills of Steel

Version: 4.5.1
Unlimited coins
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App Name Hills of Steel
Package Name com.superplusgames.hosandroid
Genre Action
Size 147.11 MB
Latest Version 4.5.1
Mod Info
Unlimited coins
Update Date Sun Sep 18 2022
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hills of steel Mod APK Download for Free - Jojoy

Hills of steel Mod APK is a cartoon style fun casual mobile game. In the game, players need to drive their tanks, find a suitable position in the hillside or depression, and then fire to defeat the enemy. Interested friends, come and Download Jojoy 2022 lastest mod apk!

Hills of Steel Introduce

Hills of steel mod APK is a very simple and easy-to-use action shooting adventure mobile game. In the hills of steel, players need to control their tanks to resist foreign enemies, and players need to have corresponding defense measures for your tanks, otherwise they will be easily destroyed!

If you like to drive with heavy armored vehicles and shoot the waves of ruthless enemies, then  Jojoy download this game!

Hill of steel mod apk Game play

Free participation in various modes

Heels of steel mod apk provides players with three battle modes, namely, pass through mode, PK mode and challenge mode. Pass through mode is the most basic challenge. Jojoy mod apk players complete tasks through pass through, obtain money and resources, and then continue to expand their tank base to create more powerful tanks. In addition to the basic breakthrough mode, the challenge mode is dominated by the boss war, but the boss is indeed very difficult, and it is difficult to eliminate without sufficient strength, and the  Jojoy apk download  player PK is the most important place for Xiaobian. Unfortunately, although this work adopts the method of system matching, it is only a battle with the "zombie enemy" when fighting, and it cannot achieve the real-time online PK of both sides, This is more or less regrettable.
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 Heels of steel mod apk Early layout planning

In the hills of steel apk mod game, there are several function buttons at the bottom of the screen, which can control the use of different combat skills, and then click start to carry out automatic combat. Of course, the Download Jojoy  skills selected in the early stage will also be automatically cast. This  hills of steel mod apk download game is carried out in a round based way. If you have played this type of Jojoy apk download game, you should know that we basically don't need to take the initiative to control in the battle. The Jojoy download  system will control every battle for us, and our task is mainly to configure the troops before the war, just like the ancient generals. This kind of battle mode is common in hills of steel unlimited gems strategy games. Compared with RPG games with strict operation, this kind of  hills of steel unlimited gems strategy battle has a more rigorous test on the layout. It is really a wrong end.

At the moment of life and death, the hills of steel download  hero knows

In the hills of steel apk mod game , we will set up our own tank team to fight with our opponents, and all these tanks are produced by our arsenal. We can produce whatever type of tank we want. In the hills of steel mod apk download game, we can screen and arrange the tank types of the troops, and at the same time, we can configure different combat skills ourselves to make sure that the preparations before the battle are safe, and then we can enter all kinds of battlefields to launch a life and death attack. It is in this case to win the king and defeat the enemy. Everyone who is confident will hurry to fight.Go to Download Jojoy and have fun~

Hills of steel mod apk download Game highlights

Destruction Jojoy mod apk - Shooting physical weapon projectiles!

Unlock- Try all tanks and special abilities!

Upgrade Jojoy apk download - Move faster, cause more damage and increase armor!

Adventure- Launch chariots and collect trophies!

ARC️ ARCADE!- Survive under the impact of classic endless mode!

Rank up- Do you have the qualifications to become a general?