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App Name Infinite Lagrange
Package Name com.netease.lagrange
Genre Strategy
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Latest Version 1.2.230576
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1.2.230576 / Mod: No ads
Update Date Sat Sep 24 2022
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Infinite Lagrange APK is a super mobile game from the publisher NetEase Games, which is already very famous for the space genre. Let’s see how they made the cosmic masterpiece in this comeback!

Introduce about Infinite Lagrange

Mankind’s Advance thanks to the Lagrange Singularity


The story in Infinite Lagrange begins with space explorers finding a singularity in the universe, in which space and time converge to one point called the Lagrange Node. The Lagrange Node is based on the famous Lagrange mechanics theory, with the foundation which is links radiating from a point in space. This singularity, if used correctly, will bring the ability to connect and build constructions throughout the galaxy. In this universe, there are countless such singularities.

But resources are limited while the population is increasing steadily over time. So, civilizations all over the universe have begun to fight each other for resources and places to live. You will be the one to find another solution for humanity: to find a new source/ place of life in the universe by building bases based on the mechanism of Singularity. Also, you will be the one who seeks ways to fight or make peace with the various multi-planetary forces to keep your region safe and avoid a future crisis.

Initially, you will only have a small, basic spaceship, and a small base. You will collect resources and materials, upgrade your spaceship for more features, and even expand the base to turn it into a large mobile space station. And from here, things really get interesting.

You can do 1001 things with this great spaceship

From the singularity, you get the chance to explore the galaxy with a dense network of intricate moving lines. The means of transport at this time is a giant, super modern spaceship.

It’s not just about finding the destination or calculating the most optimal way which is accurate and consumes less fuel. It’s much more. You also have to find a way to protect the ship’s safety by fending off stormy attacks from various enemies on the way, as well as other heavy spaceships.

You are also tasked with building powerful space fleets. These armies both fight in the cosmic struggles and protect your spaceship while paving the way for humanity to take a step further into habitable planets. To do this, you will need to upgrade, improve strength, increase firepower for your army. At the same time, you must arrange the armies strategically so that defense and attack are always in a ready position.

You hold in your hands not one but many spaceships. Each will have its own shape, design, strength, and characteristics. As a talented leader, in addition to understanding each of your spaceships, you also need to know detailly the weapon and armor system in the game. This knowledge will help you to customize, select and allocate your spaceships well. What is the level of customization? Infinite. Everything you have in hand can be used to modify and upgrade your spaceship system.

And it’s not just about spaceships

“If you want to go fast, go alone; If you want to go far, go together.” This statement is right in life, and even in the case of Infinite Lagrange. To protect the safety of your space and also the long-term development later, you cannot be alone forever. You can interact with members of the Union of the galaxy with up to 100 members. Next, you should decide to join other alliances to fight together, which will help both of you keep the peace and avoid damage as much as possible in the long term.

In the end, how far will we go?

Thanks to the interconnected system and the interlaced transportation network in the galaxy, people are now present almost everywhere. And if you are more skillful, you can take control of the entire Lagrange system which includes a series of fascinating destinations, powerful forces, and the most extraordinary technology in the galaxy. But remember that if you have this high ambition, remember to choose your role as the commander of the army from the beginning. This position will bring a lot of power and abilities in the future.

Another note is about resources. This is the core of all development of the system and the foundation for upgrading the spacecraft. In the game, there will be 3 different types of resources which are Metal, Crystals, and Deuterium and only technical spaceships can exploit them. Metal is used to build spaceships, Crystals is used to upgrade, and Deuterium is used to upgrade firepower and speed up spaceships.

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Infinite Lagrange is an extremely deep space game. In my opinion, it is quite stressful to conquer this game. I’ve only played a few times but I feel it is more difficult than I thought. It will properly be more stressful later. So, prepare yourself mentally to spend your time and mind on it.

Let’s download Infinite Lagrange and immerse yourself in the universe!