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App Name Keeper of the Day and Night
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Genre RPG
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1.0.1 / Mod: Free Upgrade
Update Date Wed Jul 13 2022
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Keeper of the Day and Night is a role-playing game from the developer Hosted Games (USA). In the game you play as a second-year student of the Magic Academy, in many ways accidentally or on purpose, has faced a series of terrible events in the school. You will choose to take the right side or become a dark soul. The game has no graphics, no sound effects, only pictures of characters and text, from an interactive 390,000 words fantasy novel.

Keeper of the Day and Night: A horror game with only words, no pictures

The entire content is only text, no images, motion, or sound, but causes haunts

Have you ever felt the “horror” emanating from the letters? Just a 390,000-word novel, a series of complicated events, progress, and thousands of expensive lines between the characters in the story. But they give you goosebumps, and step by step reveal your true self.

I had a complete feeling like that. The senses awakened, the inspiration to be called, and the phobia of namelessness grow, while playing this game Keeper of the Day and Night. Don’t be fooled by its zen-sounding name and gentle poster. It is true that this very special game does not have an animation, no sound, and bloody blows, but in exchange, its horror is hidden deep in every word, every evolution of the novel that you are the next person writing and is a bridge that put everything together.

In other words, Keeper of the Day and Night is a dynamic, interactive novel. You are both the reader and the controller of the story by making the right choices for you in the big and small turning point situations in the story. There are details that you think only for fun, but no, they will be the premise, the sinking of the iceberg that can change the end of the story.

The art of the game is also in points that don’t seem to have any of this problem. These easy and free-to-force situations like this will make you feel comfortable and free to live true to yourself. And that’s when the ego and the true nature of each lead the way. The end is just a result of the string of previous choices.

Each character is deep and has a secret

Starting the game, you can choose your character. This is also a good thing about the game. Although there are not too many characters, just looking at the face you will feel weird because … what to say … each character is somewhat crazy. No one is perfect, some have a problematic mentality, some are dark, or are hiding some terrible secrets from the past. Whoever you are, once you choose, you will have a completely different story of your own. At that time the remaining characters will contribute to unraveling the dark secrets behind this Academy.

In the story, you are a second-year student at the Mage Academy. One day, you suddenly realize that your surroundings and your whole life are slowly changing in the direction of growing out of control. You are the insider, witness to a series of strange events inside and outside the school: werewolves attack in the summer, demons appear in school, a girl who has never existed before is suddenly kidnapped, the magic exercises in the school suddenly dramatically increase and the gloomy atmosphere envelops everything.

You find loved ones around or just someone you know, suddenly becoming very alien, confusing, and full of mystery. Your beliefs are slowly gnawed. Not knowing who to trust, not knowing what to do will be a frequent feeling you have passed dozens of pages of novels. And when you have come here, I am sure, even if you give gold you cannot stop.

Each choice leads to a different path and a very “life” end

The final decisive stage for this great novel is when you slowly find yourself standing at a crossroads, one is following ethical principles that you think something wrongs, the other is to follow the call of your heart where you can do wrong things and different from the morality you have learned. Or choose not to do anything, let it pass and the secrets come out automatically.

If all of your choices in the story plot go in direction number 3 then I advise you not to play anymore because it is no longer interesting. You should have your own mindset and courage to pursue what you think is right. The other two ways, no matter which direction you choose, will also have different interesting outcomes.

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Eventually, you will realize that, in life, nothing is completely right or wrong. We need to do what we think is right, so that deep down our minds will not feel ashamed. Isn’t this a real-life story? We do not live for the right, but for our own happiness. Download Keeper of the Day and Night to immerse yourself in a horror novel here!