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App Name L.O.L. Surprise! Disco House
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Latest Version 2.2.5
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TutoTOONS, a mobile game company specializing in play-by-learning games, has launched a game named L.O.L. Surprise! Disco House MOD APK for children who love collecting dolls. In this game, children not only play interesting games but also practice some children’s skills such as coloring, mixing clothes, and taking care of dolls.

Introduce about L.O.L. Surprise! Disco House

A doll game for kids to both play and learn many skills 

A game for little girls to collect and take care of dolls, nurturing every passion

Every little girl has a childhood filled with colorful dolls. Every time parents buy them a new baby doll, their hearts will be filled with happiness. It is not only a toy but also a friend who can fit in their heart every night, a baby sister that obeys and always follows all the requests of the mistress. And sometimes the girls feel that they are so mature and confident when they take care of a baby doll in every daily activity, like a true elder sister taking care of their younger sister.

If you have had a childhood with many beautiful memories with dolls and want your child to have the same experience, you can let your baby play L.O.L. Surprise! This Disco House, as an additional gift to nurture the passion in your baby. 

L.O.L. Surprise! Disco House is designed for anyone, but mainly children, so each image is beautifully polished with a sweet and lovely color tone. The dolls each have their own look, but all have a touching beauty. There are also not many words so that children of all ages can follow them easily (over 3 years old is fine). The sound is just the soft background music and the cute cries of the dolls. There is no other complicated dialogue, letting the children freely explore. Or if you want to have a fun time relaxing after a long working day, you can also play with your children, or… play alone.

Open the Surprise Egg and collect new dolls

The game has no special missions. It just serves every baby’s wish in real life: to have as many dolls as possible and to take care of each doll with their own hands, listen to understand, and let dolls live as their own life and personality. Early in the game, you’ll use a magnifying glass and an Eye Spy Capsule to find a clue to solve a super easy mini-challenge in the game. Then you can get a Surprise Egg. Opening the egg, you will get the first doll friend. This is also the beginning of much endless fun later.

Coloring and dressing up the doll

To complete the doll, you and your child will need a bit of talent and skill to color each of her small parts, from her eyes to nose, mouth, hair, skin… The more creative you are, the more beautiful and fancier the collection will be. After that, you will continue to dress up the doll. You may choose clothes and a variety of accessories such as hairstyles, bags, shoes, glasses, belts… Later on, when the wardrobe in the dollhouse is complete, you can dress up your dolls in so many styles. The more dolls there are, the more fun this step will be.

Lovely and cute dolls

There are a total of 20 dolls in L.O.L. Surprise! Disco House. You will open the egg slowly to have them in your team. Each egg will have a countdown timer. When the time comes, you just need to touch the egg, complete a challenge to immediately open a new character. Each doll is unique in both shape and personality in the game. And when they live in this house filled with rhythm and color, they will communicate with each other by emojis. So, even if your children can’t read the words, they can still partially understand the content.

Explore extremely chill spaces in a modern dollhouse

Not only collecting many dolls and shaping, dressing up the dolls is done. You will need to take them into a house called Disco House. In Disco House, they will have lots of things to do, to enjoy and to have fun with. Your dolls can lie on a comfortable bed and sleep for as long as you want, they can play music in the performance corner of the room, dance together under the shimmering lights, play games, or lie on the sofa and chat together on any subject in the sky and under the sea. 

And if they come out of that room full of sounds, they can swim around the pool available in the yard, sunbathe, enjoy delicious food, cool drinks and talk with the other doll friends in the house.

All the players need to do is keeping an eye on those activities, moving whatever dolls they like to any entertainment or relaxation corner in the room or the yard, taking care of them, and giving them ideal space to live the free, happiest life.

Play minigames to practice skills for kids

In the world of L.O.L. Surprise! Disco House, you also have tons of super short and easy-to-play entertainment that I call mini-games, thereby testing your baby’s knowledge and recognition ability, and collecting points to quickly open new items for the dollhouse.

A minigame that my daughter loves so much is a game of choosing clothes. The main screen showed a lot of clothes mixed up. The bottom left corner of the screen is the item you need to find in that pile of clothes. Just touch the item and you are done. Any kid can play, right?

If you play with your baby, you can also combine teaching new vocabulary by pointing to each object and reading its name for your baby to repeat. If your baby completes these play parts by themselves, it will partly help them practice concentration skills, the ability to recognize shapes, colors, and details around them. It is very good for the baby’s brain development, isn’t it?

MOD APK version of L.O.L. Surprise! Disco House

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The game is beautiful, simple, and extremely suitable for young children. It both trains skills and creates curiosity about the big world for every child. If you have time, play with your children to share their dreams!

Dear parents, let’s download L.O.L. Surprise! Disco House here.