Repair My Car!

Version: 2.6.4
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App Name Repair My Car!
Package Name com.uncosoft.carengine
Genre Simulation
Size 167.73 MB
Latest Version 2.6.4
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Unlimited Money No Ads
Update Date Tue May 24 2022
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Do you dream of opening a car repair garage of your own? Repair My Car! MOD APK will make your dreams come true. Download the game via the link below the article.

Introduce about Repair My Car!

Manage your garage and learn how to fix cars

When playing Repair My Car!, you are the owner of a newly opened car garage in the city. Every day, a lot of customers come to your store with damaged cars. You need to quickly find out the car’s problems, then fix them in the fastest way, or even replace a part if needed.

After completing the mission, you will receive a bonus. The amount of money is based on the complexity of the issue. A customer arrives in a car with a broken engine. The game gives you a hint by removing the engine (spinning on the screen with your finger) and replacing it with a new one.

Sometimes when your client just needs to refuel or clean the car, your job will be easier. Just open the fuel tank cap, then fill it with fuel. Everything has been settled. It is important that you find the problem and come up with the customer on the best maintenance and repair method for them. You also need to keep an eye on the matter of time, because your customers are busy people. If they have to wait too long, they will leave, and your garage’s reputation will decline.

Upgrade your repair garage

Initially, you only have a fairly simple garage, not much equipment to repair the car. If a high-end supercar wants to be repaired at your garage, you can’t replace new parts if you don’t have the necessary tools. There are three categories you can upgrade, including your tools, cars, and furniture. In particular, upgrading tools gives you more modern tools, allowing you to repair expensive cars to earn more money. Furniture helps your workspace become more luxurious and artistic. You can choose from an elegant art style or the style of a traditional auto repair workshop.

Of course, every guy who fixes cars dream of creating his own car. With the knowledge, technology and parts of the vehicle you collect, you can gradually refine your own vehicle. Access to the garage, you will see a rusted chassis, not complete shape. You improve it gradually with the money earned through car repair. Certainly, you will feel extremely satisfied when your car is completed.

Not only a car, but you also have the opportunity to unlock the amazing car system of Repair My Car!. There are many car models to choose from, including trucks, cars, freight cars, …

Unlock new tools to help you work faster

As you progress, you can unlock the best collection of car repair tools. It corresponds to the milestones of your career. Unlock car parts such as steering wheel, car lights, wheels, engine, airbags, wheels, rearview mirrors, then you can use them to assemble your car or replace it for broken parts of the customer’s vehicle.

Colorful 3D graphics

Can’t claim a game like Repair My Car! with graphics like Asphalt 8, one of the best racing games on mobile. Repair My Car! doesn’t have overly realistic graphics, it’s more like idle games than a racing game. 3D graphics in a simple style, not too fussy, but also colorful and well-designed. It is suitable for all ages, including children. If you want to expose your children to the knowledge of vehicles, this is a good choice.

MOD APK version of Repair My Car!

MOD features

  • Unlimited Money
  • No Ads

Download Repair My Car! MOD APK for Android

Repair My Car! is a very suitable game to entertain and kill the time when you are free. It is also suitable for those who love cars. With a simple design in graphics and gameplay, you can manually repair luxury supercars and enjoy your achievements. Although the car parts are simulated not too similar to reality, with a game with a size not too high like Repair My Car!, it is enough to bring relaxation moments for you.