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Unlimited gems
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App Name Rider
Package Name com.ketchapp.rider
Genre Arcade
Size 107.06 MB
Latest Version 1.6.4
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Unlimited gems
Update Date Thu Sep 29 2022
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Rider MOD APK is a game by the famous publisher Ketchapp. If you want to experience the feeling of Grab your motorcycle and start flipping like crazy, then you should try this amazing game.

Introduce about Rider

Get ready for some flippin’ action!


Rider brings endless races. You just grabbed the motorbike and started flipping like you never knew what a flip is. It’s both crazy and charismatic but also full of strategy.

There is no story, no special setting here. Just a vertical screen with a dark background, with some basic layered textures above and below. The center of attention is a bicycle/motorcycle, the neon-lit lines are the running track plus more obstacles or some traps along the way. It’s just only that.

But you will be mesmerized going from one scene to another. The mood also goes up and down with each slope. Sometimes I laugh because I think I’m too good, sometimes I get mad and want to throw my phone because of a long slide on the edge of the abyss. Never before has such a minimalistic game made such a lot of emotions like that.

Take a closer look at the whole process of playing, then you will know, to overcome the gradually increasingly difficult levels of Rider, not only do you need a pair of sharp hands to properly control and master the situation, but you also need to master the structure of the system of obstacles, and pitfalls to leverage to overcome or vice versa.

For example, your motor is traveling on a straight road when it suddenly hits a steep steep slope, in front of the slope is a guillotine with large grooves. What are you gonna do? You should choose to accelerate at the right time to quickly jump over the high slope and then fall so that it is right in the gap in the guillotine of the guillotine. Then, using the guillotine’s rotation speed, slithered to the other side of the valley.

Or like when you have to constantly cross tiny broken roads, below is a stream of hot red lava. You have to find a way to accelerate at the right time to launch the car up, and then land at the right next stretch of road, or else you will “land” into the lava and lose.

Or in another situation, your motor is crossing the sea. And there is only one way across the sea. Those are half-circles arranged close together, but they move up and down nonstop like a disco. Your task now is to align so that from the highest point of this semi-circle jump up and down at a safe point on the next half-circle. If you launch the car earlier, your motor will fall into the sea, and if you launch slower, you will have the next half-circle upside down and the same fate as the previous scenario.

Addictive game

Honestly, this game is quite addictive. The graphics are simple, the music is nothing special. But after playing, I got addicted to this amazing game.

Because any moment of neglect or slight can lead to a tragic end. Each obstacle appears and becomes more difficult later, and especially requires both judgment, anticipation, and previous driving experience. Rider has more than 100 challenges with 32 levels of steadily increasing difficulty.

Along the way, remember to collect neon diamonds. Each time you create a stunt or overcome difficult traps, you will receive more bonus points. The more points and diamonds, the more opportunities to open new and more attractive motors. There are a total of more than 40 motors for you to unlock.

If you don’t like playing alone, you can test your skills against players around the world in PvP mode. Compete against other players and mark your impressive ranking on the game’s leaderboard. You can try if you have mastered the solo mode.

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Rider is a game that is not flashy and extravagant, just simple shapes and shapes, then gradually complicated. Your driving here is also so minimalist that you only see a tiny car, you don’t see any naughty people, just run, gallop from one place to another, to overcome thousands of pitfalls. It is the precision, meticulousness, and practicalness in each launch that Rider has attracted millions of players.