Scary Teacher 3D

Version: 5.26
Unlimited Money
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App Name Scary Teacher 3D
Package Name com.zakg.scaryteacher.hellgame
Genre Simulation
Size 45.11 MB
Latest Version 5.26
Mod Info
Unlimited Money
Update Date Thu Sep 29 2022
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Scar teacher 3D mod APK is a funny and tricky leisure and entertainment game. The terrible teacher has become your neighbor. You can design a large number of levels to frighten her, play tricks on her, and have fun. Scar teacher 3D mod APK gives you a new experience!
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The scar teacher 3D mod menu contains 15 different rooms and puzzles to be solved
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Players must complete the task within the time allocated by scar teacher mod APK without being caught. The house consists of 15 rooms, each of which has some unsolved mysteries. Players will recover photos of child victims, threatened pets, chocolate cakes and chocolates in scar teacher 3D.
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Scar teacher 3D mod menu game is simple and easy to use, and is extremely interesting
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In the scary teacher 3D download game, the terrible teacher has been threatening the children, giving them corporal punishment and sometimes torturing them. Now, this terrible teacher has moved to be your neighbor. You can teach her a lesson by scaring her. It's time to scare the "creepy teacher" by launching various activities and releasing the pets under her supervision.
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Scary teacher 3D download fun and trickery
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If your teacher beat and scolded you when you were in school, now you have a chance, how will you punish him? The scary teacher game truly restores the brand-new playing method. As long as you have been repaired by the teacher, now you have a chance to repair it. For example, when he goes out, you can put banana peels on their doorsill, put salt in his cup when he drinks water, and you can splash him with water on the way out. All trickery can be implemented in scar teacher.
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Scar teacher Game3d perspective rendering omni-directional lens challenge
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Scar teacher 3D APK open world style interactive room, scar teacher 3D The wonderful scene map makes reasonable use of the terrain, as if it were immersive. Scary teacher 3D APK adopts the game style of the Diablo system, with multiple levels. Players can choose at will! Scar teacher mod APK theme is suitable for children of all ages. Only you can't think of it, and you can't do it without it!
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The scar teacher is both educational and funny. It's perfect for relaxing!
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