Shadowgun Legends

Version: 1.2.1
God Mode
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App Name Shadowgun Legends
Package Name com.madfingergames.legends
Genre Action
Size 1.3 GB
Latest Version 1.2.1
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God Mode
Update Date Wed Mar 30 2022
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After a long period of silence, Madfinger Games probably had the official answer to Shadowgun’s fate. This attractive FPS series will be officially back on the iOS and Android platforms with the latest version called Shadowgun Legends MOD APK (God Mode). Currently tested in the Netherlands, players can download games to experience now.

Introduce about Shadowgun Legends

Shadowgun is one of the most popular FPS games on both PC and mobile released by Madfinger Games. It was one of the longest-running action games with a strong appeal despite the passing years. About three to four years ago, when the first Shadowgun version was born, this game has won many good reviews from the professional and community gamers.

I remember, at that time, the graphics of the Shadowgun at the top, next to super-attractive gameplay and multi-player mode is always crowded gamers participate. And it seems that Madfinger Games slept on the winning side, they were slow to update patches, gameplay and graphics improvements, leading to Shadowgun’s inferiority to new game titles at the time. The graphics technology is getting better and developers are getting more and more creative.

The plot has depth

Shadowgun Legends is still a science fiction story with the main content is the war between the warriors with alien creatures. The game begins with a battle between the warriors and the base of the most dangerous alien creatures. You will be guided and familiar with the controls of the game. At the end of the introductory screen, you will be given a character with custom skin color, hair, human style, and start the journey of real space warriors.

Join the space battle

In the middle of a city in space, you will find Slade to sign a contract and start becoming a Shadowgun. At this point, you will have to start the quest for space exploration and destroy the alien creatures. When you are free, you can return to the city and run around here, chatting with other players.

A perfect FPS

Shadowgun Legends is a true FPS shooter combined with role-playing. Leveraging the quintessence of games in the series, Madfinger Games has brought to Shadowgun Legends some of the most amazing features, along with improvements to the gameplay system, graphics, and an extremely engaging new storyline. Features in the game will gradually unfold while you perform the assigned tasks, generally, bring a strong appeal to any game players.

The features of an FPS game are almost nothing to blame in Shadowgun Legends. The game controls are optimized for easy operation in each game, not too much different from the same game genre.

In terms of a role-playing game, Shadowgun Legends builds on a variety of weapon system that you can use to upgrade your character’s power. Currently, the game owns hundreds of different weapons and armor with bold design science fiction. Collect items, ingredients, and equipment through missions and shop, and upgrade them to increase your fighting power.

Multiple modes

The basic game mode of the game is the story mode, where you will participate in continuous battles under assigned missions. In addition, the most anticipated modes are PvP ability versus skill with other players, as well as boss mode with attractive rewards. Each game mode has its own unique experience.

Striking matches

Graphics deserve

It is no exaggeration to say that Shadowgun Legends is one of the best mobile games with the best graphics, which can be said to be no worse than the current number one game is Modern Combat Versus. Designed on the latest Unreal Engine 4 platform, Shadowgun Legends is still a science fiction style but at a new level. The small details in the game are so real that one confuses it is a real PC game.

Beautiful graphics can be anywhere!

The movement of the character in the game is quite smooth and really. Next to it is the extremely explosive fire effect.

Not only beautiful, but Shadowgun Legends graphics are also optimized to ensure the smoothest even on mid-range phones. As I experience, Shadowgun Legends is very smooth and no lag phenomenon, only a little hot when I play Shadowgun Legends for a long time.

MOD APK version of Shadowgun Legends

MOD Features

  • God Mode
  • Dump Enemies

Download Shadowgun Legends MOD APK for Android

With up to 1 GB of installation space, Shadowgun Legends is definitely a graphics superhero that you can not ignore. With exciting gameplay, exciting role-playing features and multiplayer modes, Shadowgun Legends is sure to become a hot game in the near future.

After all, Shadowgun Legends is released for free and I will thank Madfinger Games for this. Game support for both Android and iOS, you can download the game through the links below.