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Do you love football? Download Soccer Manager 2021 MOD APK (No Ads), the game that allows you to manage and develop the team you love.

Introduce about Soccer Manager 2021


Soccer Manager 2021 is a football management game where you are given the same opportunity to become a coach as Club Soccer Director 2021 that I recently introduced.

Compared to the version of 2020 or 2019 in the series, Soccer Manager 2021 has many more improvements and changes. The first thing you notice is the choice of a coach to role-play. When you log in for the first time, the system will show you 3 coaches, with the previous work include Training Manager, Tactical Manager and Suit Manager. You will choose one of three coaches, then use your knowledge to develop the team for the future.

If you’re a newbie, this doesn’t really matter. But if you are an experienced player, or want to develop a solid, long-term career, you should consult the information about these coaches. Each person has knowledge of a number of different fields, which affects the development of the team in the future.

Train the football team you love

Soccer Manager 2021 allows you to choose teams by country, in one of three regions: Europe, America and Asia & Australia. There are a total of 33 countries, each with dozens of different clubs. Let’s start with the football team you love.

After that, you will embark on a journey to conquer glory with your team. Train your players, learn how other teams play, and start taking part in tournaments around the world.

Overview about gameplay, Soccer Manager 2021 gives you detailed control over the players on the field. A good coach must know how to help the players playing with their best. You can give the players an advantage, change the strategy scheme, arrange the positions for each player or even give certain instructions on how they play.

Control the game from the perspective of a coach

During the match, you will be outside the field with the coach’s perspective. Some information appeared on the screen for each team’s retention rate, the score, the yellow cards, the red cards, the number of shots and the number of corner kicks. If during the game only displays this one interface, it might be boring, so Soccer Manager 2021 provides a wide-angle from above, allowing you to observe highlights such as penalties or free kicks.

The game will play out in that way. If your team wins, you will receive a ticket to the next round. The opponent is also stronger, so try to study the strategy and organize the line-up in more detail and subtlety.

Signed with new talents

Besides being active in the field, you can participate in the transfer market to find new talent for your team. You will have to pay money to buy them and sign a contract with them. In general, most of the prices offered by the system are quite high. However, there are also a number of players for sale for quite low prices, perhaps because their old club cannot afford to keep that player.

Also, there is another way to save your money. It is training and acquiring young talents in “Youth Academy”. Although it may take a while for them to master their football skills at first, if they are a person with talent and passion, you will get a good deal.

Youth Academy can be maximized to level 10. As it gets higher, it gets more attention. And that means you are having access to a lot of young talent.

Training your team

Soccer Manager 2021 has many tournaments, and most of the opponents you meet there are very strong. So, train your squad more thoroughly and organize matches to test new tactics.

The facilities affect the players’ ability to practice. You should upgrade the Training feature, the training ground and add the necessary equipment.

MOD APK version of Soccer Manager 2021

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Download Soccer Manager 2021 MOD APK for Android

Soccer Manager 2021 is an engaging football management game that any sports enthusiast should not miss. Here, you are given the opportunity to become the real coach. You will build tactics, organize your squad to bring your team to the championship.

In addition, the game also has many other activities such as buying and selling players, training young talents, spying on opponents and upgrading the stadium. From there, you will see this sport from a broader perspective.