Stand O’Food City

Version: 1.8.8
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App Name Stand O’Food City
Package Name com.g5e.sofplayground
Genre Casual
Size 363.56 MB
Latest Version 1.8.8
Update Date Tue Dec 14 2021
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Have you ever dreamed that you own the most famous auto Hamburger store in the world, every day there are many people to buy? Today, HappyMod would like to introduce you to the game Stand O’Food City APK. Let this game building your dream. The publisher G5 Entertainment has brought to the game a great restaurant management game, suitable for all ages. With attractive graphics, Stand O’Food City has conquered millions of players around the world. How about you?


Coming to Stand O’Food City, you are transformed into an owner of an automatic hamburger shop with modern machinery. Although you are a shop owner, you have to do your own thing without any help. That creates the attraction for your store because everyone knows the reputation of the store and wants to eat Hamburger from your own hands.

The gameplay of the game is simple and looks very much like Cooking Fever MOD APK. Your store owns the necessary ingredients of a Hamburger sandwich, your job is simply mixing them to complete cake. Every single customer, they will ask you to make a cake with certain ingredients. You must choose the right ingredients and arrange in a certain order to please them. Everyone has a different taste, you have to choose the right bread, meat, eggs, vegetables, … Stand O’Food City owns more than 80 types of Hamburger and 20 options. If you do something wrong or too late, the customer will go away angry, and the store’s reputation will decrease. Upgrading your gear and shop will help you reduce your mix time.

Game modes

This game consists of two main modes, Quest and Lunch Rush. There are more than 100 challenging levels.

Each satisfied customer will pay you a sum. Use the money you trade to upgrade your store, upgrade your chain to give your cakes extra delicious. In particular, you can also visit the neighborhood around the shop. From time to time, you have to go to other stores to buy fuel or to do tasks on other facilities of the Hamburger system.

Stand O’Food City requires you to fast-forward your eyes and your hands when playing. Also, if you make a mistake, then Stand O’Food City also has a cancel button to help you restart from scratch. In particular, you can share your sales record on social networks to show off to friends. In my opinion, this game is really very entertaining. If the publisher adds more modes such as restaurant management or chatting with their friends’ restaurants, it will be much more interesting.


About the design, the game possesses beautiful graphics, fun. Simple but not bad at all. Stand O’Food City will cause your appetite to peak. Look at the Hamburger in the game that I just want to buy one.


Simple, light and easy to play is what needs to be said about this game. If you are looking for a fun restaurant management game, Stand O’Food City is a good choice. The game supports PC, Mac, iOS and Android platforms so you can download it for free.