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Join the journey to save the world in Swordigo MOD APK (Unlocked All).

Introduce about Swordigo

At the present time, FPP or TPP games are becoming extremely popular in any country. Typically PUBG Mobile or Rules of Survival dominate the game market and are becoming the trend of game makers around the world. In that context, the publisher Touch Foo released a classic game based on PS1, Swordigo. Probably many of you have not forgotten the feeling of using a 4-button gamepad that played Street Fighter or Contra. And now, that memory will once again be resurrected, bringing we back to our childhood.

Although Swordigo was released on Google Play a year later than the App Store, the game is still welcome when it appears on Android devices. Up to the present time, the game has more than 10 million downloads on Google Store and appreciated by players.


Joining Swordigo, the player transforms into a teenage boy but holds the fate of humanity. According to the story, you will accompany the boy to travel to many new lands to perform the assigned tasks. Performing the mission of salvation of humanity from the demon hand, however, this is also the first time the boy has been out of his village. Together, players and characters will explore many places from crowded town to a cold dungeon to complete the mission.


As I mentioned, Swordigo is designed in the form of a 2.5D horizontal viewing angle instead of a first or third view. The player will manipulate with basic virtual buttons on the screen: move, jump, slash, and skills. However, when playing to a new level, you can use a combination of keys to make combos unlocked throughout the plot.

Like other storyline fighting games, you will have some time to get used to the basic props and skills in Swordigo. By performing simple tasks at the beginning of the game, the player will receive an iron sword and magic to use kame hame ha like Songoku in Dragon Balls. Continuing to complete the assigned tasks along with destroying monsters on the road, you will receive a certain amount of gold and experience. When the amount of experience has reached the limit, the player is promoted to the level, increasing the stats of blood, damage, speed.

Unlock and upgrade characters

Throughout the process of exploring Swordigo, players will be faced with many quests that increase in difficulty according to the open storyline. They don’t require too much of your thinking ability to complete but you will need to improve your strength to overcome. To such sections, the need to upgrade yourself to a breakthrough is extremely essential for you to rescue humanity.

The easiest way to improve your power is to level up. However, the higher the level, the more time it takes to carry out, besides, the small indexes obtained after tryhard is not enough to help you fight hard bosses. So the best way to do this is to find new weapons and unlock new skills.

During the mission, the player can explore caves or dungeons, which store sacred swords with extremely high stats and cool looks! The fire sword on the game poster is one of them. Besides, you can upgrade your magic to inflict large amounts of damage to enemies or buy additional armor to increase your defense.

Mysterious puzzles

Not only taking part in killing and quests but Swordigo also regularly incorporates hidden questions containing game content to challenge you. Correctly answering those sentences will unlock the new plot. Don’t ignore them!

2D graphics

As a horizontal PS1 style game, Swordigo does not have the same realistic and vivid graphics as the current top games. However, this game is still designed with relatively eye-catching images, pleasant colors, brightness suitable for each scene in the game. Players can freely explore, observe different frames with beautiful graphics.

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Playing Swordigo, I felt like I was living in every moment of my childhood, when PS1 was a treasure for any child. Beautiful moments will always live forever in the depths of anyone and sometimes, waking up that memory is a great thing. If you have the same thoughts, download this game now and buy a ticket back to your childhood.