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Do you love the famous TV series of Fox, The Walking Dead? Then you cannot ignore the game The Walking Dead: Season Two MOD APK.

Introduce about The Walking Dead: Season Two

The Walking Dead is a comic series, a popular American television series released by Fox. It has even been adapted into mobile games and has become the most popular game genre in the zombie-themed fiction.

The Walking Dead: Season Two – the second part of the series is the game that I would recommend. It was released in early 2014, continuing the horror story revolving around the character Clementine. The events in the first part were recorded, and those became the premise of the stories in this part.


Basically, The Walking Dead: Season Two is a point-and-click adventure game. Its gameplay is the same as with the first part. In it, you will play the role of the orphan Clementine to explore the story.

In the point-and-click genre, you can control the character to move around the environment at certain times. Other moments will automatically play out according to the game’s scenario, and then you need to keep an eye on the details to prepare for the next action. You will also interact with external factors, the environment to collect and use support items.

Besides interacting with the environment, you will also interact with other characters (NPCs) in the game. That’s when you make the decisions to lead the story in the direction you want. Follow Clementine’s conversation with the people around her through conversation. Some details may be revealed, and you can make your own decisions based on that. The Walking Dead: Season Two is such an interactive game, so decisions matter. Each decision will lead you to a completely different outcome.

And to increase the variety, The Walking Dead: Season Two even allows players to keep quiet. That is, when someone is asking a question or making a suggestion, you can choose from one of the decisions displayed on the screen, or wait for them to disappear. The conversation will then continue as if you had kept silent.

The Walking Dead: Season Two also features quick time events, which you’ll have to complete to save Clementine or her friends from danger. In case of failure, you will have to play again.

Perfect design

Although The Walking Dead: Season Two is a simple point-and-click game, it is warmly received from gamers by two factors: graphics and content.

As for the content, not only the parts in a chapter, but the chapters of the game are closely linked together. You will soon feel how profound The Walking Dead: Season Two is when choices from the first chapter affect the content of the third chapter. Sometimes, the decisions don’t show the extent of the impact. Its effects are immediate, but every decision you make will be evident in the game. That shows how important and meaningful the decision is.

In terms of graphics, The Walking Dead: Season Two has received a lot of praise from players and critics. From characters, scenes, or objects in the environment are reproduced vividly on the basis of 3D graphics. Detailed effects, sounds and expressions for the characters are also added, making the game more realistic.


The content of The Walking Dead: Season Two has five chapters:

  • All That Remains
  • A House Divided
  • In Harm’s Way
  • Amid the Ruins
  • No Going Back

In it, the second chapter is really memorable. It shows the psychological development of the character Clementine, as she faces new events and a series of dangers. She meets new teammates, has great conversations. But then she was isolated, and that made her life more worrisome than ever.

maybe, I won’t reveal any more so you can experience the game to its fullest!

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The second part of the popular game series continues the story of Clementine, a young orphan girl lucky to have survived the apocalypse. In order to survive in the post-apocalyptic world, she must learn to adapt to the harsh environment and dangers lurking around. In The Walking Dead: Season Two, you will have a realistic experience of playing as Clementine. Explore new locations, find other survivors and overcome challenges.