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Update Date Sun Jul 03 2022

Totally Reliable Delivery Service MOD APK is a delivery simulation game from the prestigious publisher Epic Games. The gameplay is simple, the image is quite funny. This game is very true in the mood of waiting for the shipper during this epidemic season.

Introduce about Totally Reliable Delivery Service

Hurry up, shipper! Everyone is waiting for you!

Delivery’s role

People probably still have never realized the importance of shippers these days. When it comes to delivery and transportation work, actually since ancient times, it has played an important role. Watching historical movies, there are always lines of families who work as “transporters” from generation to generation, by train, by car… They are the main factors that create trade between geographical landmarks, from one region to another areas, between cities.

Then later when the Silk Road appeared, merchants had to rely on more and more transport forces because of the geographical distance too far and many obstacles. Even during the war, it was also a time when people called for transportation activities to continuously supply food, necessities, and weapons to the battlefield.

Modern life needs shippers more than ever. During the past few months, all business, delivery, and trade activities in all the cities in the world were almost frozen. Then when everything opens again, if the shippers still won’t work and start a new normal, will everything be okay?

In short, whenever, wherever, we still need the delivery. Much needed is different. Without it, every economy would standstill.

In that line of thought, one day, I found a simulation game that was too interesting to play. Totally Reliable Delivery Service: a funny simulation game about delivery.

Sandbox World

This feature must be emphasized first. The open-world that is both unexpected and free does not follow a standard in Totally Reliable Delivery Service is a big attraction for the game. You play without knowing which space in front is waiting for you, look away and there is a new “toy” behind you. Every time I go down the same road, I feel different. The environment that the game builds has its vitality, not to mention what happens in it that we are about to discuss after.

The shippers here are also randomly provided with means of transportation, all sorts of weird things in the world. These include trucks, golf carts, forklifts, helicopters, pickup trucks, rockets, hot air balloons, speedboats, and even Mary Poppins’ umbrella… It all depends on the environment around. Sometimes standing in the air, when you turn around, you will see a kut kit car next to you. Or standing awkwardly in front of the river without knowing where to go, suddenly you see a boat pedaling ducks in front. Everything in here is unpredictable, as the story of One Thousand and One Nights, just dragging you into a chain of humorous emotions.


Your only task in Totally Reliable Delivery Service is to fulfill the delivery orders delivered from time to time. All character controls are available on the screen, in the lower right corner. It only takes a few minutes to get used to it.

You can play alone or multiplayer with up to three more players. In this multiplayer mode, you and the rest can cooperate and help each other deliver goods to customers. Or you can confront, constantly aggressive with each other with interesting vehicles available on the road.

But, no matter what you do or how careful you are, you will have to get used to the confrontation. Because in this game there is a specialty called “ragdoll”.

Deliberately making simulation errors to let players get into trouble, yes, can you believe it?

The game is engaging and offers hours of fun entertainment thanks to the uncountable number of wacky situations you (and your teammates) encounter on the shipper’s journey. It was intentional, but the crazy ragdoll simulation system in Totally Reliable Delivery Service keeps you always get into trouble. Many moments you can’t believe your eyes that it can happen in a simulation game. At first, I was skeptical, thinking the game was faulty. But then gradually discovered the “real face” of the producers. Then “set” the player, and make them go into the trap.

By the way, in the gaming world, the “rag-doll” effect was invented to help the character have a gentle fall motion whether the subject is light or heavy. This mechanism is often applied in shooting games, recreating an enemy hit by a bullet and falling to the road. Simulation games will often do this very well to make the feeling of a character’s fall look like the real thing, not to mention also support gentle movements to push the realism higher.

And in Totally Reliable Delivery Service, this effect is made a joke. You can see the shipper walking around, always looking like he’s drunk because his body is almost always unstable when his arms are light and his legs are heavy or vice versa. Then the way to hold the package. He doesn’t t know how heavy it is, but he can hold with one hand, even a single finger. Then when he is walking leisurely when it seems that the package suddenly becomes heavy, which can make him lose his balance and fall face down at any time. So the game becomes “unpredictable” and hundreds of thousands of tragic things happen continuously.

Character customization

The ability to customize the character of the shipper is also a joke in Totally Reliable Delivery Service. You can choose to be fat, or skinny (whichever you choose, ragdoll will also make fun of you), you can choose clothes, skin color, hats, hairstyles, and many other miscellaneous things. You may have to linger at this stage for quite a while. Because just go to the custom interface, you will immediately understand this game is not for the serious guys. The more satirical the character created, the more unreasonable it is, the easier it is to laugh. Remember that the character will be with you all the game. It is advisable to create a pose that has comfort, humor, and fun in it, the feeling of intimacy will be faster.

MOD APK version of Totally Reliable Delivery Service

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A world is full of distractions with unpredictable things of the producers. The shipment has never been this clumsy and funny, guys? Well, you have to play this amazing game right away.