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App Name Ultimate Robot Fighting
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Latest Version 1.4.147
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Unlimited Money gold
Update Date Thu Jul 14 2022
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“Street Fighter” robot version is available on mobile. For those who like to fight continuously at a heavy level, fighting with 3v3 team fighting mode (tag-team), let’s download Ultimate Robot Fighting to play right now.

Introduce about Ultimate Robot Fighting

Ultimate Robot Fighting is a fighting robot game from Reliance Big Entertainment (UK) Private Limited. In the game you will be one of three very cool robots, with tons of advanced weapons, awesome skills, go to fight with AI robots or fight 3v3 with other players.


The scene takes place when a famous and arrogant AI scientist gets angry because he is challenged by humans (represented by scientist Louie Cipher). He will in turn send his robot warriors to battle to prove the invincible strength of the steel heroes. Every time you finish the fight, win the battle, you will meet the sexy assistant Cassy to receive Gold and rewards, which is used to buy new robots or weapons in case the existing robots can’t fight with the new enemy.

The most powerful iron warriors in the robot-themed games I’ve ever played

The mighty robot warriors in the game’s shop will make you surprised because the robots are so cool and each has a completely different look, from the name, appearance to skills and weapons. Some popular names can be mentioned such as Bubbles, Hazmat, Cyrobot, Jack Hammer, Kawaii, Ghost Face, Depth Charge, Hanzo…

Want to buy any robot you just need to touch, select, and done. And to make the right decision, you need to touch the card representing each robot, which will display the corresponding full Stats parameter for a closer look. Each robot will have 4 parameters: Damage, Armor, Level, and Rank, each Stats has a basic level and a max level. For example, ZeroG will have the lowest Damage 330, the highest is 3230, Armor from 230 to 2592, can be increased from lv.1 to lev.15, and climb the rank to Elite 5.

Next to Stats will be general Info about this robot strain. For example, ZeroG is a robot that comes from the role of protecting astronauts when they are on a mission, so the characteristic is that it can withstand complex, unstable environments and can withstand situations risks. Or like the Jonnie Law robot, which is shaped in the form of a female police officer, which is used to support the police when working, but later because she is a bit rigid and violently solves human conflicts, so she was “recruited” in combat robots.


If you’ve played through fighting games like Smash Bros or Street Fighter mobile version, gameplay in Ultimate Robot Fighting is similar. Touch the screen to perform normal attacks, swipe left and right for powerful skills, tap 3 times to make combos that combine normal attacks (such as punches, kicks, and extra kicks), and swipe the screen 3 times in a row to create a powerful battle combo…

The Super Powers present in the game includes SP Overkill, Diminisher, Electric Strings, Double thread, Lethal Strike… There are so many combos depending on the robot type. Besides, the game has some special skills that must be purchased to have like Thug Ways or randomly unlocked when playing.

The game has 4 game modes: Career, Challenges, Daily Exhibitions, Quests. And no matter what mode you play in, when you accumulate enough points, you will receive a notification that a new “soldier” has joined the team. The maximum number of robots in each battle is three. Just touch the list of robots on the left side of the screen and you will quickly switch between these 3 warriors. And this is the extreme attraction of this Ultimate Robot Fighting game.

You can freely switch back and forth with any iron warrior you have in your existing 3 robot squad, to make the most of the enemy’s weaknesses and bring about tactical battles. And of course, it is impossible not to reiterate that each robot has a series of skills, different battles that you, with skilled manipulation skills, can freely combine actions so that the opponent does not have time to fight back.

In total, you will have up to 45 different robot strains, inspired by gods, gladiators, fire dragons, monks, ninjas, samurai, and other interesting characters. The more robots you collect, the more flexibility you can customize your squad, and completely control the situation thanks to the combos from easy to hard.

Graphics and sounds

It is true to say Ultimate Robot Fighting is a super robot combat product, but it is also true to call it a basic combat game. Because its essence has not changed compared to many confrontational fighting games you have ever known. But everything is much more advanced. From the progression, the way the game allows players to customize skills and mix squads. The 3D image is extremely eye-catching and visual effects reach the “cinema” range. Each robot’s skills are always accompanied by a series of lights and a unique cel-shading style.

The 3v3 battles also become extremely intense with the sound, the magic noise from the skills of your team’s robot or the enemy will warm up even the coldest heads.

Talking about Reliance Big Entertainment’s fighting robot series, you can’t ignore Real Steel Boxing Champions.

MOD APK version of Ultimate Robot Fighting

MOD feature

Unlimited Money


Increase when you spend.

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Well, I have nothing more to say about Ultimate Robot Fighting, because everything is too awesome and perfect. To play or not to play, it depends on the game taste of each person, but for those who love the style of the arena and the image of iron warriors, this game is for you guys.