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Unlimited Money
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App Name Ultimate Truck Simulator
Package Name com.sir.racing.ultimatetrucksimulator
Genre Racing
Size 204.19 MB
Latest Version 1.3.1
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Unlimited Money
Update Date Tue Mar 22 2022
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In Ultimate Truck Simulator MOD APK, a simulation game from the publisher Sir Studios, you will drive trucks of different colors, sizes, and functions across the roads to see how skillful the driver is.

Introduce about Ultimate Truck Simulator

Let’s drive a truck carrying all kinds of weird goods on all the most difficult roads!

An extremely highly customization and a powerful “weapon”, multi-view 

Ultimate Truck Simulator allows you to choose the type of vehicle in the Garage section at the beginning. At the basic level, there are only a few types to choose from, but when you play more to unlock or use the money to buy a few more trucks, you may drive some unique vehicles like racing trucks, off-road vehicles, or rocket trucks … 

In the game, you will be directed to the Collection section to choose a vehicle. Next, you select Drive to start choosing the game mode. The game has 2 game modes: Career mode (play alone) and Online mode (play with many other online players). After that, a map will appear showing the route you will need to pass in this scene.

The game starts. Now the screen will be divided into 3 parts. The left is the map, the right hand is the speed and function for braking and shifting gears. In the middle is the cockpit with the truck’s steering wheel and the gauges. The game allows players to switch back and forth between many perspectives.

In the first perspective, you can move left and right a little bit but not much, you will mainly focus on the front view. The second perspective is to look at the opposite side of the truck as a person going in the opposite direction. A third-person perspective is to view the truck from behind and the top. If you make full use of these perspectives when playing, you can achieve unexpected results and avoid cumbersome processing phases.  

The high level of customization of Ultimate Truck Simulator is also present in the hidden menu (General section) at the beginning. In this menu, you can freely choose how to control the car: by Button (left and right emulator buttons appearing on the game screen), or by phone (you will tilt the phone left and right to control the car) or by hand on the steering wheel in the first-person perspective.

The Settings section of the menu also allows us to intervene more deeply into adjustments such as button & dashboard size, view distance, music volume, arrow sensitivity, steering wheel sensitivity.

The difficulty right from the first round

To depart, you need to go to the Cargo station to pick up the goods. The goods here can be literally parcels packed neatly in blocks, or worse, a huge heavy tree that takes up the entire behind the container, sometimes a tall green tree, sometimes a newly recovered submarine wreck… 

When you have finished picking up the goods, you must find a way to move out of Cargo station and start on the main road. You will witness yourself struggling to park your truck in the right-marked area to pick up the goods, then difficultly get out of there, and then turn signal step by step to slowly go to the big road. It will be quite hard.

When you get to the main road, you will need to deal with more difficult situations later such as cars going in the opposite direction, cars encroaching on routes, sharp turns, narrow highways, hills, slopes… The trick is that you need to try all the functions on the right of the screen and try to combine them when still in the pick-up area. When you master them, then go. Otherwise, there is no room for testing later on.

Realistic driving experience

Every detail is shown very realistically with smooth lines and rhythmic movement. That’s why the technical standard requirements of Ultimate Truck Simulator and game traffic are quite high. You need to carefully review the RAM configuration of your device before playing this game, it is best to be from 8G or more to be smooth.

This game has only been released since May 2020, but it has quickly become popular with players. On a cargo truck, not trying to go fast is winning. Remember you have a package behind you and the truck you’re driving is extremely bulky like  “an elephant in the room”. Your every move on the road can bring unfortunate consequences if neglected. For example, deviating from the steering wheel a bit will lead to crashing into the wall, and the rearview mirror will then be broken, of course, it will make the road behind a bit more difficult.

The game is even more realistic when you experience the stress of sitting behind the wheel and parking in the parking lot. Moving is sometimes very slow on the busy road. With a huge package, you have to constantly brake, change the angle of view to see the rearview mirrors, avoid vehicles on the road and obstacles that may appear suddenly. Is it enough for you to stress?

The principles of physics are also realistically simulated in the game. Each collision is always accompanied by the shock, bounce, and recoil of the vehicle. Sometimes it even leads to drop goods and the container loses its balance. Every time the truck brakes suddenly, it always causes the skidding and disorienting of the truck for a few seconds… Everything in real life as you have ever known or witnessed is well depicted in Ultimate Truck Simulator. This is also the addictive material of this game.

The 3D graphics are very sharp and deep, the sound is not picky but addictive

The scene in Ultimate Truck Simulator is rich in a very realistic way. Those are exactly the roads for trucks. There are roads winding around mountainsides; urban highways or roads in the city crowded with light trucks. Everything around in each scene is very beautiful, very detailed, and sometimes makes me think that I am going sightseeing.

Sound is also a material of excitement. The sound of the engine starting to work, the clacking sound when the packages collide, the sound of the truck braking quickly at sharp turns… all are well designed. Each truck has its sound when running on the road. Excitement will come from every detail along the way.

MOD APK version of Ultimate Truck Simulator

MOD feature

Unlimited Money

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It is a 3D truck driving game with high realism, very good physics logic, plenty of roads, beautiful trucks, and eye-catching graphics. A bit high phone’s RAM configuration will help to play smoothly. Let’s download and play right away because it is really interesting!