Uphill Rush Water Park Racing

Version: 4.3.955
Unlimited Money
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App Name Uphill Rush Water Park Racing
Package Name com.spilgames.UphillRush
Genre Racing
Size 127.55 MB
Latest Version 4.3.955
Mod Info
Unlimited Money
Update Date Thu Sep 22 2022
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Welcome to the endless water slide race in Uphill Rush Water Park Racing MOD APK (Unlimited Coins). The latest game by Spil Games is the perfect choice for you to have fun in your spare time.

Introduce about Uphill Rush Water Park Racing

The activities in the water always attract a lot of people from adults to children in the summer. However, it is winter now. If you miss the water park slide game but can’t wait until summer, let Uphill Rush Water Park Racing recreate the most authentic feelings about this game. The game offers memorable experiences that you cannot ignore.


Right from the name of the game perhaps has shown its gameplay. Coming to Uphill Rush Water Park Racing, you come to a paradise water park with huge water slides in all shapes. Your mission is to be the first to finish and safely in a fun race. But forget about it for now and experience crazy twists, turns and crazy aerobatics. It will make you scream with excitement.

The control of Uphill Rush Water Park Racing is very simple. With only 5 buttons available on the screen, they work to navigate and help you perform the techniques in the game. Players can easily understand and master the game’s controls. However, controlling the skate on the water slide so that you do not fall by obstacles and performing beautiful movements is not easy.

Overcome challenges, defeat opponents

Uphill Rush Water Park Racing has extremely challenging and creative game modes. With 3 game modes, players can unleash the unique water slide and endless challenges. Firstly with Level Mode, where you have to pass hundreds of challenging levels. The more later, the higher the difficulty level. That makes your experience more amazing than ever.

Besides, you can also participate in Endless Mode, where the race is endless. You will never see the finish line unless you lose or end the game. This is a real challenge mode with high difficulty, so it is suitable for you to practice and test your level.

Finally, the Level Editor mode, you can create your own levels through the design of your own water park. The interesting thing is that all players in the world can play and help you climb to the top of the rankings. You can of course also play levels created by others. That makes Uphill Rush Water Park Racing increasingly new and more attractive.

Unlock buoys, costumes for characters

When completing each level, players will receive coins. The more difficult techniques you can perform, the higher the bounty will be. It helps you to unlock a multitude of new equipment and characters in the store.

But the most important thing is still the buoys. There are dozens of specially designed buoys. From tires, bathtubs, canoes to colorful dolphins … Especially, each vehicle has an upgraded system that helps you go faster and easily perform beautiful skills.

Sharp graphics

Uphill Rush Water Park Racing’s graphics are extremely complete. The details are carefully designed and the colors are bright and vibrant. Each small object is meticulously designed by the publisher. Besides, the motion effects are smooth and realistic. All give players the most authentic experience in brilliant summer.

MOD APK version of Uphill Rush Water Park Racing

MOD features

  • Unlimited Money
  • Characters Unlocked
  • Rides Unlocked
  • VIP Unlocked

Download Uphill Rush Water Park Racing MOD APK for Android

Uphill Rush Water Park Racing is a perfect summer entertainment game that you should not miss. The excitement mixed with a bit of fear in dangerous situations will make players forget about the stress and sorrow in life. Are you ready to accept the challenge, complete all levels in this exciting water slide race?