Vanguard ZERO

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High Attack/Defense Cards
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App Name Vanguard ZERO
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Genre Chess
Size 68.11 MB
Latest Version 2.70.0
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High Attack/Defense Cards
Update Date Tue Aug 16 2022
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The creators of the popular game series Yu-Gi-Oh have released a new project on the Android platform. The game is named Vanguard ZERO APK. This project was started in 2011, but until this year, the global version of the game was officially released.

Introduce about Vanguard ZERO


During the last years of high school, Aichi Sendou seemed to intend not to go to school anymore because he felt school was not really for him. However, an incident happened, which led to a turning point for the whole boy’s life. Blaster Blade – Aichi’s childhood passion was stolen by Katsumi Morikawa. When chasing the thief to Card Capital, Achi meets with Toshiki Kai and they fight. Achi regains the Blaster Blade and realizes her passion. He believed that he could do even better so he signed up for tournaments.

Shortly thereafter, the Q4 team (Quadrifoglio with four members, Achi, Kai, Misaki Tokura and Kamui Katsuragi) was formed to aim to conquer the national tournament. They encountered an obstacle, Ren Suzugamori, in the first preliminary rounds. He is very cruel, currently the captain of the team that held the championship for many years. Has Will Achi’s dream come true?

The best Trading Card Game (TCG) game!

If you’ve ever experienced Yu-Gi-Oh, it’s not difficult to play Vanguard ZERO. Its gameplay is similar and has the characteristics of a card game. You take part in a battle on the planet named Ray. Each player represents spirits to summon units and compete with each other.

The battles take place in turn, you and all the opponents take turns attacking and defending until one of them loses all cards or can no longer call units.

At the center of the arena is the Vanguard Circle, where the spirits can summon and place their warriors. At the beginning of a battle, the system will divide the cards among each player, and decide who will start first. In the first turn, the attack is not available, you can only pick the cards and put them on the defensive. After that, all support and damage cards will be unlocked.

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Tactical element

Vanguard ZERO focuses largely on the aspect of exploiting the tactical element from the player. They will not be able to win using only cards as a random move. I usually put my first warrior in a state of rest. Later, when the G support phase took place, I summoned my card to receive defensive points and set up an attack for each card. My team will focus on the core forces of the enemy and destroy them. If not, my team would soon have an irreplaceable hole.

In general, you need to improvise according to each strategy and phase of the battle. Rely on your opponent’s moves to decide what you need to do next. No one can say anything, but if you know how to observe subtly to know how the opponent is playing cards in the direction, that must be a great advantage.

Cards collection

The choice of cards greatly affects your strategy. Each card of your choice unlocks a different strategy.

Just like Kingdom Rush, cards are like military units. When used for the right purposes, they are extremely effective. However, there are many differences. Cards not only work individually, but they can also be combined to create a combo that deals much more damage. Increase percentage damage, add defense points to allies or to summon another warrior to be stronger.

Vanguard ZERO has many types of cards, divided by classes, elements, kingdoms and units (the location used in battles, this division is like the line-up of the football team). You will receive 50 cards when you first join this game. But when you win a battle, tournament or event, the game will reward more.

Impressive graphics

If there is a way to describe the drama of a story or movie, it must be a game with amazing graphics. Vanguard ZERO is what I mentioned. The fight scenes with opponents in the arena showed fiercely. At the hands of professional designers, the scene is even more realistic than ever. The conversation scenes between the characters are also very familiar. If you’ve ever seen the original “Cardfight!! Vanguard” anime, you’ll feel like you’re being watched again, but as the main character view.

Download Vanguard ZERO APK for Android

Besides Yu-Gi-Oh, Vanguard ZERO also deserves to be ranked as one of the best card games of all time. Yes, my words are not talented enough to highlight it in this article, but will you help me? Download Vanguard ZERO and start the experience now!