Who Dies First

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App Name Who Dies First
Package Name com.stupid.stikman
Genre Casual
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Latest Version 1.6
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Update Date Mon May 02 2022
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Who Dies First is a very funny puzzle game from the publisher STUPID GAME. Although this publisher is named Stupid, their games are not “stupid” at all. Instead, the game also has extremely difficult and brain twists puzzles. The game is inspired by stickman characters (simple drawings of people or animals).

About Who Dies First

A stickman character is portrayed very simply. The head of the character is often expressed in a circle, sometimes with details such as eyes, mouth, … The arms and legs are often illustrated by a straight line, sometimes a curve. So what’s this interesting about this game? Let’s start to find out with me!

Who will die first?

Who Dies First is a game with funny stories with characters who are stickmans. Each game, you will witness the funny stories of stickman, these stories about life, love, and everything. And every single level you will have to answer a question: “Who will die first?”. Moreover, the way to die is still very stupid and crazy so you can’t stop laughing.

Funny love stories

In addition, Who Dies First also owns extremely simple gameplay. When participating in the game, you must witness the story and guess who will die first. You can try again and again and try to guess correctly to unlock new levels. Because of limited time, try to guess quickly and accurately to get many keys. And of course, the key will contribute to opening new levels for you. Each level will be a brain-damaging puzzle and sorted by increasing level.

Features of Who Dies First

Who Dies First owns two different mod including Stupid boy and Domino. Each mode will have its own attraction for you to discover.

With “Stupid boy” mode, this is the mode that will help you have the best moments of relaxation. You will witness humorous, crying, laughing, or love stories of longtime FAs. However, the game still retains its logic even in such an entertainment mode.

Next, “Domino” mode is a mode that will help you practice logical thinking. This is a mode that possesses extremely brain-twist puzzles. The puzzles will involve the super logic Domino effect. This is a mode that will help you become smarter but can also make you discouraged by difficult puzzles.

Who Dies First possesses two separate modes for purely clear purposes. A regime that helps you increase your thinking ability and a mode that will help you relax. They will help you balance your brain. For example, when you have a difficult puzzle that you have not thought out the answer, you can switch the mode to relax your mind. And as soon as you feel comfortable, continue to solve the puzzle in that mode. This is a novelty for the puzzle games that the STUPID GAME publisher wants to bring to us.


Similar to other stickman theme games, the game possesses simple 2D graphics. The objects and people in the game are simulated in a minimalist and funny way. Because this is a puzzle game, don’t be too important about graphics. If you search for a nice graphics game, this game cannot meet your requirements. But if you find a simple, light game, this is a perfect choice.

MOD APK version of Who Dies First

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Who Dies First is a super fun puzzle game. It really appeals with all players. You can train your thinking skills very well by answering puzzles in the game. Not only that, but you can also entertain after stressful lessons with jokes in this game. Really amazing, isn’t it? Be quick to download this game immediately to your phone via the link below and experience the game yourself!