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WorldBox v0.21.1 Unlocked MOD APK Download

Version: 0.21.1
App Name WorldBox
Package Name com.mkarpenko.worldbox
Genre Simulation
Size 115.15 MB
Latest Version 0.21.1
Mod Info
Update Date Thu Mar 23 2023
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WorldBox Mod APK is an ultimate God simulator and sandbox game by Maxim Karpenko released in 2018. With this game you will be able to rebuild the entire ecosystem of life on Earth and create your own unique planet.In WorldBox, you will have unlimited power to rebuild life, choose the flora and fauna, decide the fate of all the animals here and you can also form and place continental areas at will, decide the terrain, the proportion of land and water, maps, etc. And in addition to the ecosystem building, you will also You can choose the path of civilization development to create intelligent beings and have the world controlled by something other than humans. You can decide and change everything, having the ultimate decisive role, i.e. every activity on the planet that you can intervene in. Log into Jojoy download, download WorldBox Jojoy 2022 latest Mod APK file and try out the role of God Almighty.



Introduce WorldBox

Sandbox games have long been popular with gamers. As a new generation game that combines the sandbox and indie genres, WorldBox has been a hit with gamers. With its new and engaging gameplay, WorldBox is gradually winning over the hearts of players. In WorldBox, players can create as many worlds as they want, or destroy them using different powers, such as melting the soil with acid rain. Here you can witness all species at work, civilizations growing, kingdoms rising, or you can colonize new lands and sail to distant continents. You may watch the uprising of towns and the fall of empires. Choosing to watch or help them will be your personal choice, and different choices will produce different results. In this free sandbox gods game you can create beings such as sheep, wolves, orcs, elves, dwarves and other magical creatures etc. WorldBox is a super fun world creation game. 

The controls in WorldBox are very simple, including touch, drag and drop. If you want to create humans, you simply select the appropriate species, then touch and drag and drop to any area on the map and they will be thrown in. To zoom in/out or move to another area, just use two fingers to zoom in/out or drag and drop. Download WorldBox Jojoy Mod APK and start building your planet.



Build A New World with WorldBox Premium APK

Have you ever wanted to become a creator and rebuild the world the way you want it to be? Your chance to become a god comes when WorldBox gives you the power of God. You will be in control of everything and decide everything. Create, or destroy, whatever you want. You can even create something that doesn't make sense (like putting orcs into the elven zone) and see what happens.

All your powers are listed in the table at the bottom of the WorldBox screen. These include saving and loading existing worlds, creating new worlds, setting rules for worlds and once you have mastered how to use them, then you can start creating a world like never before at will.

When creating this world you can choose the size of the land, the number of islands, the sea level and the presence of random life forms. WorldBox simulador de deus sandbox

allows you to design not only the surface of your planet, but also the depth of the waters around the coastline, creating opportunities for shipping and navigation. At the same time, you can customize the landscape and climate, such as deserts, fertile soil, forests, rivers, lakes or mountains, etc. There is always the opportunity to generate another world if the player does not like his creation.



Just like other large creation games, WorldBox APK starts with a small piece of available land from which life flourishes. Creating a village or kingdom is quick and easy, just one click away. But the development of civilization is not always easy and you can create natural disasters or send out monsters to test the ability of humans to survive. In accordance with the law of survival of the fittest, if humans cannot overcome the dangers present in nature, they will be pushed to the brink of extinction.



Destroy Something in That World

As a god, you not only have the power to create life and allow them to thrive, you also have the power to destroy what you believe should not exist in a number of ways. There are many ways to exercise this power in the Forces of Mass Destructio Section. Use an atomic bomb or one of the other tools in the drop-down list to darken parts of the Earth. The first is to use mines, atomic bombs, volcanic eruptions, geysers, meteorite fragments or infinite coins to destroy life in many different locations. The second is the use of TNT, a super explosive that explodes and burns on contact with the ground. In addition to brutal destruction, players can also threaten humanity by sending monsters and creating natural disasters. For example, take a fire dragon into a newly created village or kingdom and see how humans fight this terrifying creature, or create a tornado, storm or tsunami to see how vulnerable humans are to natural disasters.



Pixel Graphics

WorldBox uses pixel block graphics with specific colours to delineate relatively clear areas. The game has some classic optimized light capacity, so it is compatible with almost all devices. Installing this game will not take you too long. You can creatively build your own world of colour.

Although by now, many people are used to sharp 3D graphics, WorldBox still decided to work with 2D pixel graphics. However, the number of players who have shown interest in this style is also very high, with over 10 million downloads. This is the game's main trump card, as it contains many features and can be played on almost any device. WorldBox download and enjoy all features!


Download WorldBox Mod APK for Android on Jojoy

WorldBox Mod is a game that lets the player take on the role of a god. With unlimited powers, you can easily create any game mode that changes the workings of humanity. With the Mod version, you will access paid features for free, such as tudo desbloqueado. Download Jojoy Mod APK, download and install super WorldBox Mod APK on Jojoy for free and experience God Mod for now.