Xì Dách

Version: 1.13
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App Name Xì Dách
Package Name com.xidach
Genre Card
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Latest Version 1.13
Update Date Sun Jun 19 2022
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What is Xì Dách?

Xi Dach Offline - attractive blackjack card game, a popular traditional card game in Vietnam. Blackjack with Asian rules is played a lot during holiday and free time.Xi Dach has a simple gameplay that is easy to grasp. The game can be played from 2 people or more, the gameplay is simple, fast, but no less the brainstorming strategy, the game of blackjack promises to be everyone's favorite game.HOW TO PLAY BLACKJACK: - Xi Dach cards use a 52-card Western deck. Distribute cards equally to each player, each player is dealt 2 cards.- Depending on the score of the hand, the player decides to draw or not.- Calculate points based on your cards and compare points with the House.Scores on cards partially indicate the player's luck and position. But the element of luck and tactics manifested in the way of hand drawing. This makes Blackjack a card game that is not only unlucky, but also requires players to think high.SCORE CALCULATION: - Cards: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 each have the corresponding number of points.- Image Cards: J, Q, K count ten points each.- Ace Card - A: can count 1 or 10.11 points. Particularly in case the total number of cards in the hand of the player is greater than 3, then Ace - 1 point must be calculated.- The player's score will be the sum of the scores of all the cards in his hand. The allowed score is 16 - 21 points (Only the house is 15 - 21 points). If a player has 5 cards total less than 22, it is called Super Five.- The total score is greater than 21, it is called FOLD - lose.- 1 Ace with 1 Image (J Q K) or 1 is 10 called Blackjack.- 2 Ace cards are called Poker.COMPARE SCORE: Fold <16, 17, .. <21 < Super Five < Blackjack < PokerBai Xi Dach is a completely free offline version, no need to connect to the Internet, wifi can still play. Players can play blackjack anytime and anywhere without worrying about losing their connection or having to recharge the game.Blackjack offline promises to bring the best experience, along with challenges, to help players not be bored. With a fast but charismatic gameplay, blackjack will bring good entertainment, effective stress relief after work, stressful study.HOT FEATURES: - Blackjack is completely free, no deposit required, no money.- No need for internet, no fear of lag or loss of network.- No registration required.- Professional Casino interface, beautiful.- Race to top attractive giants.NOTE: The purpose of this Blackjack game helps players entertain, relax and improve their skills in playing scratch cards. Note that there are no real money transactions or exchanges in the game. The experience gained, the victory in the game does not mean that the player will win in reality.Any suggestions or bug reports, please leave a comment to help the game Xi Dach offline become more and more perfect. Download and play Blackjack!

How do people say Xì Dách?

good game and happy

Ok. Good and fun

What is Xì Dách Mod APK?

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